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Vintage Quilts For Sale- Gallery 4

Welcome to Vintage/Antique/Old Quilts for Sale,  Gallery #4. Several galleries of American antique/vintage quilts, quilt tops, quilt blocks and other quilt categories are available for your shopping convenience. Please bookmark this antique quilt web site as we are always adding new stock and see what quilts we have for sale. Visit our Home Page for more quilt categories. Layaway is welcome. Please ask about our interest free terms. We make it easy to purchase a quilt of your choice.  We also have antique quilts available not listed on the web site, so let us know if you are searching for a special item. We also have an Instagram page, so search cindysantiquequilts, as if you don't find one in our offerings here, there might be one posted that's available. 

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Whig Rose Applique Quilt

This atttractive red and green applique quilt has a touch of orange print in the centers of the roses. I call this a Whig Rose and it has alot going for it. The condition is excellent.  The design is somewhat different and it also has a border. The applique is well done and the hand quilting is at a nice 8-9 spi.  The rose has curved vines and the buds include some reverse applique. Another unusual twist to this quilt is the added red and green appliqued diamonds dividing the blocks, making somewhat of a sashing. The hand quilting is done  in a straight line diagonal throughout the quilt. For the binding the backing was brought forward to the front and machine stitched down, all of what looks to be original. A nice sized 9 block quilt. 

Price: $2195.00
(Item: Q-898)
Dahlia Quilt With Triangles border SOLD

This is a very nice Dahlia appliqued quilt in wonderful condition. Freshly wet washed so ready to use and enjoy. The hand quilting is at 6 spi. The maker added a nice border of triangles that have a soft scallop to them. The separate binding is stitched down by hand. There's a feathered wreath quilting pattern in between the blocks. The size is really generous at 78x92 inches.  Kansas  

(Item: Q-897)
Joseph's Coat Quilt  SOLD

Offering this attractive quilt in a pattern called Joseph's Coat. This pattern is generally made with several fabrics and this was unusual that is was made with just the one fabric on a white ground. A pattern with lots of curves and looks great on a wall or to use on a bed.  It is in excellent condition and is unused and has had one bath so is ready to enjoy. The hand quilting is at 6 spi and for the binding the back is brought forward to the front and hand stitched down. From Tennessee. 

(Item: Q-895)
Tulip Garden Quilt With Border  $565.00

Offering this exquisite Tulip Garden quit with a most wonderful border. The quilt is in excellent conditon and is ready to enjoy. It is unused and has been washed once by me. This attractive pattern is a Ladies Art Company pattern #6071, but had thought possible a Hubert ver Mehren design of Des Moines, Iowa due to the unique border.  The hand quilting is at a nice 9 spi. The flowers consist of 2 shades of oranges/sherbert and 2 shades of pinks with green stems and base. The wonderful orange/sherbert shades for the border really set this pattern off beautifully. The separate binding is stitched on by hand.  Kansas  SALE $565.00

Price: $695.00
Sale Price: $565.00
(Item: Q-894)
Fruit Baskets Quilt with Sawtooth Border $695.00

Offering this unused  antique quilt,,, Fruit Baskets with an attractive sawtooth border. This pattern is also called Basket of Triangles. The condition of the quilt appears to be excellent as it looks unused and has never even been washed. Probably just stored for the many years of its life. All hand quilted at 7-8 spi and has a cable quilting pattern on the border. The other quilting patterns on the quilt are show in the close up images. The colors of a good strong red and green on a muslin ground make this a very striking quilt with the border to set if all off. Lancaster County, Pa origin.   SALE $695.00

Price: $795.00
Sale Price: $695.00
(Item: Q-881)
One Patch Hexagons Quilt  SALE  $585.00

Offering this scrappy quilt made with lots of different fabrics from possibly a ten year span and done in a one patch hexagon pattern. The condition of the quilt is very good and its ready to enjoy or even have fun studying or exploring all the fabrics. It is hand quilted at 6 spi. There's a variety of fabrics including shirting prints, plaids, mourning prints, stripes and much more. A separate blue binding is  stitched on by machine.  Note the way the pattern is more wacky on the right side of the quilt. Really gives it it's "one of a kind" feel. From Missouri.  

Price: $665.00
Sale Price: $585.00
(Item: Q-879)
Nine Patch Quilt   $395.00

Offering this "happy looking" Nine Patch vintage quilt that is in excellent condition. Besides the white ground the only other fabrics is the solid green and the red gingham flowers print fabric.  Very charming and is fresh and ready to enjoy. Is unused and has been washed just once.  The hand quilting is quite nice too at 7 spi. The binding is machine stitched on and looks neat.  A very usable quilt. Shelbyville, Illinois area.   SALE $395.00

Price: $435.00
Sale Price: $395.00
(Item: Q-853)
Indigo and White Garden Maze Quilt with Border SOLD

This is a fabulous 2 color quilt, indigo fabric on a white ground and excellent condition.  Matter in fact, the maker used the same indigo fabric throughout. This quilt may have been made by someone who had the assets to purchase yardage and not use scraps. This blue and white quilt can be used in contemporary settings. The pattern with what looks to also be interlocking blocks  or one can see other patterns within the quilt.  The hand quilting is superb at 10 spi and there's lots of it too! The separate hand stitched binding is also done very nice. There's a triple border to set off the quilt.  It is unused and in mint conditioin and has been washed once so is ready to enjoy.  From an Oscalousa, Illinois area estate. 

(Item: Q-845)
Sixteen Block Quilt with Unusual Border   $395.00

This vintage quilt I call 16 Blocks with a most unusual border is in very good condition. Hand quilted at 8 spi and unusual that on the border scallops there is machine zigzag quilting as shown. All solid colored fabrics used except for the backside which has prints. There looks to be a small insignificant spot of maybe paint on the edge, as shown.  The red binding was stitched on by machine.  Clean fresh and ready to enjoy or very usable in many ways. It will make a room "happy" !!! Missouri  SALE $395.00

Price: $585.00
Sale Price: $395.00
(Item: Q-837)

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