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Breast Cancer Month- Pink Quilts

October,, It's Breast Cancer Awareness month. This page of pink and white quilts was created to bring attention to the disease that affects so many women and some men.  As is known, the pink ribbon is an international symbol of Breast Cancer Awareness and the color pink identifies those in support of the cause. There are few that remain untouchd by the disease in some way or another.  It may be a friend, a mother, a sister, a relative and just an overwhelming number of women that have been affected. ( I actually thought of doing this page, as my husband was watching the PBR, Professional Bull Riders, and the riders participating in the event were wearing pink shirts in support of this cause.) The saying "Tough Enough to Wear Pink", shows their support among the men of this sport and they all had on pink! This cause is well known among the western industry as the participants at the National Finals Rodeo in Vegas will also have a pink go round......

With thought of this "Pink" page , I have decided to leave this page on year long, as breast cancer awareness is a constant issue.


Romance Quilt.  SOLD

This is literally one Sweetheart of a quilt... called Romance a Lee Wards kit quilt,,,, Roses in a Heart applique with a border of applqiue. The condition of this quilt is excellent! It is ready to be given to that special person,,, or just get it for your self as a gift. A nice one also to add to a collection,,, one I have not seen in the many kit quilts I have had. It is a kit quilt and has been washed so is ready to enjoy. There's still some slight tell tell signs on the edge, that says Lee Wards, Elgin, Ill #8-9031 or 9131.   The neat narrow pink separate binding is stitched on by hand.  The hand quilting is done at a nice 7-8 spi and also the applique is hand done. A beautiful design with a lovely border and it is very appealing. Generous in size too at 76x89 inches.  Don't let this one get by for Valentines Day!!!! Sweethearts can be friends, mothers, sisters , wives, a grandparent, daughters, fits so many!!!

(Item: Q-884)
Road to California Quilt

Offering this quilt called Road to California and sometimes called Jacobs Ladder.  Patterns will be called differently at times depending on the region of the country.  The quilt is in excellent condition and is just a 2 color quilt making it so easy to decorate with other mixed colors. The fine hand quilting is at 8-9 spi.  The separate pink binding is stitched on by hand and this quilt is very usable. It was displayed in the Pink Exhibit at the Road to California Quilt Show in 2013. This quilt will also be in the Pink for Breast Cancer Awareness gallery...  From Ohio.

Price: $685.00
(Item: Q-804)
Embroidered Baskets, Flowers and Birds Quilt- SOLD

This Embroidered Basket and Birds quilt is in excellent condition and ready to enjoy. It is clean and fresh. All hand quilted at a nice 8 spi. The pattern looks like one of the patterns out of the Flower Basket set from the Rainbow Quilt Block Company. In addition to the nice embroidery there is French knots and lots of handwork on this quilt. The binding is stitched down on the front side by hand. This quilt was exhibited in the Pink Exhibit at the Road to California Show in 2013.  From Indiana. 

(Item: Q-802)
Springtime Blossoms Crib/Doll Quilt -     Sold

Offering this original crib quilt, Springtime Blossoms. The pink and white small quilt has fabrics of double pink and a small scale shirting print. The quilt is in excellent condition, having  a couple spots in the one corner, as shown. It shows no wear. It has old machine quilting, probably using a treadle  machine. I love the way the quilting was done, as the maker machine quilted in the ditch and then again within the pieces, then did diamonds in the border. The binding was turned from the front and machine stitched down. Very possibly made by a young girl. Many of these early small quilts were a childs first start of quilt making.   From central Illinois.

(Item: Q-739)
Mint Churn Dash Quilt- Pink and White  --- SOLD

Looking for a special quilt? Here is a great 2 color quilt with a triangles border , often called Churn Dash or Monkey Wrench or also Hole in the Barn Door. The condition is mint and unused. Fine workmanship having 10 spi of fine quilting. The quilting lines are close and is unused and had one bath, so is fresh and ready to enjoy. The separate pink binding is stitched on by hand.   The quilt came from the Moore estate in Indiana.  

(Item: Q-723)
Drunkards Path Quilt- Pink and White. SOLD

Offeirng this attractive Drunkards Path pattern vintage quilt from the 1930's in  excellent condition.  It is all hand quilted at 7-8 spi. A separate pink binding is stitched on by hand. Ready to enjoy on a bed or hang on a wall or use however one wishes. Topeka , Kansas.

(Item: Q-720)
Small Scale Cactus Basket Quilt- Mint

Offering this Cactus  Basket pattern quilt that is also called "Cake Stand". The quilt is in unused condition and is excellent/mint, having had a light bath and is ready to enjoy. All hand quilted at a nice 7-8 spi and the rose colored binding is also stitched on by hand. The "baskets" are a popular double pink colored fabric and the alternate blocks a nice small checked gingham fabric. The background on the baskets is a small print shirting fabric. The small blocks are only 5 1/2 inches in size. Note the one imperfect block as shown. Sometimes that was done intentionally by the quilt maker.  This was due to the belief that only God was perfect.   Northwest Ohio area.

Price: $935.00
(Item: Q-675)

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