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Quilt & more Questions

This page was created to answer some very frequently asked quesitons.

Do I buy quilts? ---Yes, I do buy, but I would like one to have a price in mind that they want for their item. I do buy quality antique quilts.

Do you appraise quilts?---No, although qualified to value and review a quilt there are people that are certified appraisers and I suggest that if one wants to know what their quilt is worth to contact one of the certified appraisers or a person that has appraisal experience some of whom I have as links on my site or one may go to the American Quilters Association web site and locate the link to appraisers and go that route. There is generally a fee for this service. Remember these appraisers are using their expertise to tell you what your quilt is worth. Usually there is a written appraisal, but some do a shortened verbal. Contact one for information.

Why get my quilt appraised?--- Again,, there are many reasons for getting your quilt appraised. One is for replacement value. If you have a fire or the quilt is lost or stolen or damaged you have an established value for your records. Also the insurance will have this credible value for your quilt. Another reason is for donation value, and another is for fair market value. There are people that specialize in quilt appraisals or locating someone that can appraise antiques, but quilt people are usually more up to date on the present market. Some of the notes on the appraisals may include Phusical Description, Workmanship, Condition, Provenance and Documentation. 

Do I wet clean quilts for people? ---Sometimes, but there is a fee. Also client pays all shipping/insurance for the quilt.

Do I repair or do restoration of quilts for the public?---No, sorry but just the ones I own.

Will I sell your quilt on consignment?-- Sometimes, but I prefer to buy and take responsibility for the quilt on my own.

Will I sell your Ranch Oak furniture on consignment? ---Yes, depending on what the pieces are and this depends on situations and where located. I do buy more in the local area unless we are traveling and can pickup, but would have to be rare pieces.

Do I buy Ranch Oak furniture?---Yes, but like to buy locally. Remember as a dealer, we buy below the retail value of the item.


Cindy's Antique Quilts

A wide selection of quality antique quilts, and quilt tops, Indian trade and camp blankets.

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Cindy Rennels
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