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Redwork & Embroidered Quilts

Floral Applique With Lattice and Border- Flowers  SOLD

Offering this super good looking Floral Applique quilt with a beautiful setting with lattice work and set off with the vining floral border. The condition is excellent and looks to have been unused with some faint storage spots near one edge, as shown. There is no wear and is very well quilted at 6 spi and the applique was done using the button hole stitch and looks super with this pattern. The quilt recently had it's first bath so fresh and ready to enjoy. Note all the detailed quilting patterns. This is a kit quilt, but I am not sure what company produced this one. A pretty blue binding that is stitched down by hand finishes off the quilt. The embroidered stems bring out the small red buds on the vine. North Carolina

(Item: Q-900)
Redwork Sampler Embroidered Dated 1893 Quilt-SOLD

This is an exceptional Redwork quilt that has so much detail and so many blocks of a great variety. It is like a storybook maybe that depicts the life of the quiltmaker. Many of the blocks I have never seen in other redwork quilts.  There are 140 blocks of redwork embroidery and the quilt is also dated 1893. The condition of the quilt is excellent and it is all hand quilted at 6 spi.  When I see quilts like this that have so much thought and work that went into the making of it I wonder about their daily lives that are seen in the blocks of the quilt. I can see in this quilt the events in ones life at that time period and also animals, children and flowers. Some of the blocks include cats, dogs, children playing, a wishing well, the sun, cup and saucer, wash board, sissors, thread and needle, a cooked turkey, an anvil, toad under the mushroom, chicks hatching and much more. For the binding the backing was brought forward and stitched down by hand.  Woodstock, New York area.   

(Item: Q-846)
Childs Crib/Youth Embroidered Sampler Block Quilt

This youth or crib size quilt  looks to be in excellent condition.  A quilt of 9 blocks embroidered of different whimsical animals. Nicely hand quilted at 7 spi and there's a separate blue bindng that is stitched on by hand.  Set with blue and blue backing. A couple slight spots that could wash out. The quilt has been washed at some time, so can be used and washed carefully as it's a very usable sturdy quilt.

Price: $195.00
(Item: Q-793)
Embroidered  Kittens and Puppies Crib Quilt

This is such a cute Kittens and Puppies Embroidered quilt. The condition is very good with a slight small corner tear in a block, shown.  The expression of the eyes and the bow add to the pattern. All hand quilted at 8 spi. The separate blue binding is stitched on by hand.  Makes a great gift for those that love vintage or a wonderful keepsake for a child.  Not sure of the pattern company, as this may have been a kit or transfer pattern quilt, but so nicely made and circa 1930's. Thanks to some discussion among quilt researchers, decided it was both puppies and kittens!! So no favoritisim here!!

Price: $295.00
(Item: Q-791)
Unusual Applique Basket Quilt-Border Vine Applique SOLD

Offering this wonderful, unusual Basket of Flowers quilt with a curving vine applique border.  The condition is excellent. The button hole applique technique was used for the flowers of blue, pink and a soft green.  The vining border is also a soft green. The beautiful hand quilting is done at 10-11 spi. The separate binding is stitched on by hand. Note the way the baskets are designed with the tall handles and the flowers and the use of embroidery making up part of the basket base.  A unique pattern that displays so nicely and is fresh and ready to enjoy. Massachusetts

(Item: Q-787)
Overall Bill Playing/ Sampler Pictorial Quilt

Offering this unusual child's theme quilt with a farmer boy or often called Overall Bill or Sam doing so many activities. He is going fishing, playing fetch with his dog, hoeing the garden, feeding the rabbit, pushing a wheelbarrow, jumping rope, feeding the chickens and more. This is more of a sampler of activities that one might find  a child doing on a farm.  The quilt is in excellent condition. All hand quilted at a nice 7-8 spi and all the applique and embroidery work is also done by hand. So much detail went into each block. The binding is done the knife edge style and is machine stitched.   A special quilt that would be a great birthday present or one to add to a collection of more unusual quilts with a theme. Pennsylvania

Price: $895.00
(Item: Q-773)
Round-Up Time Western Cowboy Pictorial Crib Quilt

Offering this great western themed pictorial crib quilt from the 1950's, Round Up Time. Depicting 2 children and their horses at the ranch with their dog.   The quilt is in very good condition and has been washed, so is ready to use and enjoy. All ahnd quilted  at 6-7 spi. It is also hand embroidered and hand appliqued. The separate red binding is stitched on by hand. This was a 1950's kit quilt and was a very popular pattern. It took alot of work to finish one of these quilts.  This was one of a pair, but selling separate.    

Price: $1295.00
(Item: Q-744)
Round Up Time Western Cowboy/Cowgirl Quilt SOLD

Offering this delightful vintage quilt,  a pictorial of  a young cowboy and cowgirl riding their horses and the dog and calf and other scenes depicting western life. Also in the corner with applique and some embroidery is a tepee and , in addition ot the cactus and fence, Indian child holding a pot and much more. The details are great. The quilt is in excellent condition. It is all hand quilted at a nice 8 spi. The applique is done by hand and nice embroidered accents of flowers and grass. This was a kit quilt from the 1950's with a theme so popular today too. The separate red binding is stitched on by hand. The quilt has had a bath so is ready to use and enjoy or display in so many ways.

(Item: Q-728)
Sunbonnet Sue and Overall Bill Quilt
The condition of the combination quilt, Sunbonnent Sue and Overall Bill, is excellent. It doesn't look to have ever been washed. The nice hand quilting at 7-8 stitches per inch is done in small clamshells. The pencil lines still show, so it appears not to have been washed or even actually used, if any. The applique is done nicely by hand and the black outline stitch around the figures accent the clothing. The fabrics used in the blocks coordinate, like the bonnet and the dress or the boys pants and shirt. The binding was made by turning the front to the back and machine stitched down. Pink sashing and backing. A nice quilt and ready to enjoy.
Price: $795.00
(Item: Q-585)
Ruby McKim  Flower Garden Quilt/Fence Border-Mint $495.
The condition of this quilt is mint and looks to be unsued and has never been washed. It is all hand quilted at 5-6 spi. The green hand whipped on binding is separately applied. This is a garden of a sampling of flowers , all embroidered with a picket fence to go around the garden. In addition to the hand quilting it is also hand and machine pieced. Solid fabrics of green, lavender and pink,, the backing being the same lavender as what is on the front. Strong and ready to enjoy. Marlow, Ok. estate.
Price: $585.00
Sale Price: $495.00
(Item: Q-443)
Childrens Small Scale Embroidered Crib Quilt
Childrens Small Scale Embroidered Crib Quilt(q-163) Circa 1930's, size 23x30. Condition is excellent. This happy little childrens quilt has some of the cutest figures embroidered on it. An elephant, puppies face, bunny, swan, birds, rabbits,,etc, and the expression on a mothers face and a childs face are pretty neat. Hand quilted nicely at spi and the binding is separate and hand whipped down. Clean and usable.
Price: $240.00
(Item: Q-163)

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