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Patriotic- Americana Quilts

This collection of patriotic quilts one will find red, white and blue quilts, flag quilts, eagle quilts, victory quilts, quilts with the feel of Americana and patriotism. These collectible quilts will be listed when available, as they are often difficult to find. These quilts are American made unless noted.

Red, White and Blue Basket with Handle Quilt SALE $550.

Offering this attractive pieced basket quilt in colors of red, white and blue giving it a patriotic/Americana feel. Displays well. The basket is pieced and the handle is machine appliqued down. The condition is excellent. It is all hand quilted at 8 spi and the quilting pattern is the Baptist fan pattern. For the binding the backing was brought forward to the front and machine stitched down. Clean and ready to enjoy and it doesn't have to be the 4th of July!! Stillwater, Ok. estate.

Price: $595.00
Sale Price: $550.00
(Item: Q-734)
American Eagle  Quilt- Applique SOLD

Offering this great patriotic applique quilt, called the American Eagle Quilt. It was a kit quilt offered by Paragon Needlecraft #01128. This was the colors in the kit of just gold and white.There were 2 other colors offered in this kit.  A great eagle in the center of the quilt with stars surrounding and urns of flowers in the corners. The patriotic swag and stars border set off the quilt. There are roses in each claw and a branch in the beak of the eagle.  It is circa 1950's and is cotton and all hand quilted at a nice 6-7 spi. It is also hand appliqued. The separate binding is stitched on by hand.  The quilt is in excellent condition and has had a bath, so is ready to enjoy.  It can be hung as art or displayed on a bed.  What a great quilt to add to a collection.  From Virginia.

(Item: Q-692)
Patriotic Red White  & Blue Lone Star - Exhibited- Sold

 This Lone Star quilt of colors of red, white and blue on an off white ground is a wonderful quilt to hang or display on a bed. Excellent condition. Hand quilted in a fan pattern. Quilted by hand at 6 spi.  Bound with the back turned to the front and stitched down by machine. This is probably a Robert Frank pattern of precut fabrics, the Robert Frank Needlework Company from Kalamazoo, Mi.  This company sold die cut diamonds in red, white and blue fabrics to make stars quilts.  Nice quilt to add to collection. This quilt is one  from my collection that was exhibited at International Quilt Festival in Houston, Texas- 2010 in the America Collects-Patriotic Quilts exhibit. It has also been exhibited at the American Quilters Show in Nashville, Tn in 2000.

(Item: Q-650)
Hands All Around  Vintage Quilt- Mint SOLD
Hands All Around Vintage Quilt- Mint(q-387) Circa 1930's-40's, Size 77x98. The condition of this quilt is mint and is unused . Colors of red , white and blue. The 2 print fabrics are the same pattern with only one in red and the other blue. It is all hand quilted at 8 spi and the separate binding is whipped on by hand. Polka dot print for the backing and polka dot print for the binding. This quilt has some provenance, as the person I purchased it from noted that it was from the Elmer Waggoner estate of Fremont, Ohio. It was Elmer Waggoner's wifes quilt-from 4 mile road, Fremont. Supposedly the great grandfather was a body guard to George Washington.(Please note this information is what was relayed to me.) Sorry in wrong category, this is a quilt and not a top!
(Item: Q-387)
Cube-Tumbling Blocks Quilt.- Sold
Cube-Tumbling Blocks Quilt(q-328)- Circa 1930's, size 70x83. The condition of this graphic quilt is excellent. It has never been washed and shows no wear. There is some slight yellowing at the top binding edge and a couple storage/age spots, shown. It is all hand pieced and hand quilted at 8 spi. The blocks are solids of red, white and blue with the alternating blocks a solid deep blue, almost looks black. The backing is the same lighter blue as on the front blocks. Has a Mennonite look. This quilt displays well and looks great on a bed or wall. It is really a piece of fabric art with this great tumbling baby blocks pattern. From my personal collection.
(Item: Q-328)

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