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Signed-Friendship Quilts

This page will offer quilts that can be signature quilts, autograph quilts, signed quilts, inscribed quilts, stamped quilts, dated quilts, group quilts, quilts by organizations, family quilts, commerative quilts and album quilts. One often thinks of the old quilting bee where friends and sometimes family gathered and quilted to catch up on events and be social.   This was often a time to share and enjoy the company of other women generally and sometimes a place where the young girls would try their first attempt at quilting.  I have often heard of the stories where after a less accomplished quilter or one where the eyesight may not have been great would leave  for the day, then one of the others may take out stitches if they weren't up to the standards of the others! Sometimes too these quilts were made for special people  that were leaving the community such as a preacher as they often moved from town to town. Sometimes they were made as fund raisers.


Crocus Flower Applique  Quilt- Mint- Dated 1941

Offering this exceptional floral applique quilt, a Crocus Floral Applique, in unused condition, looks to be mint and has had one bath. The hand quilting is fine at 11-13 spi and be sure to look at the images  to see the quality workmanship. Several quilting patterns on this quilt.  This is an unusal pattern as it is one I just have not seen throughout the years. It is also a dated quilt and there are initials along with the 1941 date embroidered on the bottom edge of the quilt. The separate binding is stitched on by hand.  This is also a very large quilt with a generous size of 77x101 inches. Ohio

Price: $795.00
(Item: Q-875)
Vintage Bead Quilt- Note with quilt  dates it to 1955

There's no question here... this attractive vintage String of Beads quilt has a note attached that reads "Bead Quilt made by Mrs. ED Meinking 1955".  The quilt is in unused condition and has had one rinsing. All hand quilted at neat 8 spi and also hand appliqued.  For the neat binding, the maker, Mrs ED Meinking stitched on a separate binding by hand.  The quilt came out of the south central Kansas area.  Generous in size and a very usable quilt.   A pattern not frequently seen, so take a look and maybe this one will "speak" to you!

Price: $535.00
(Item: Q-865)
Redwork Sampler Embroidered Dated 1893 Quilt-$895.00

This is an exceptional Redwork quilt that has so much detail and so many blocks of a great variety. It is like a storybook maybe that depicts the life of the quiltmaker. Many of the blocks I have never seen in other redwork quilts.  There are 140 blocks of redwork embroidery and the quilt is also dated 1893. The condition of the quilt is excellent and it is all hand quilted at 6 spi.  When I see quilts like this that have so much thought and work that went into the making of it I wonder about their daily lives that are seen in the blocks of the quilt. I can see in this quilt the events in ones life at that time period and also animals, children and flowers. Some of the blocks include cats, dogs, children playing, a wishing well, the sun, cup and saucer, wash board, sissors, thread and needle, a cooked turkey, an anvil, toad under the mushroom, chicks hatching and much more. For the binding the backing was brought forward and stitched down by hand.  Woodstock, New York area.   

Price: $895.00
(Item: Q-846)
Whole Cloth Chintz Antique Quilt- Signed- 1830's

This is a fabulous chintz quilt that is in fabulous condition. Looks unused and has never been washed. The glaze is still on the chintz.  Circa 1830's and the size is 100x108, another detail of an early quilt. A wholecloth quilt that is all hand quilted at a nice 7 spi. Signed on the backside corner note attached,, Catherine P Evans. This name could be researched. These quilts of this age don't come along frequently and especially in this condition. For the binding the back was neatly turned to the front and hand stitched down and oh so narrow. Acquired in the NE USA. Originally in a quilt collectors estate, so unsure where she acquired it. Again,,,, this quilt would be considered excellent or even mint in terms of conditon. I see no wear or damage. 

Price: $2795.00
(Item: Q-828)
Dated/Signed 1940 Tulip Vintage Quilt

Offering this attractive pieced Tulip pattern quilt from the Dorothy Bass and Ertes Roy estate of Rocky, Oklahoma.   This quilt is in excellent condition, looks unused and has never been washed.  It is all hand quilted at 7-8 spi. Quilted by the piece and finished off with a light yellow binding which was stitched on by hand. Generous in size. It is also stitched on the back corner... Made by MOMA CANNON 1940.  It came from the estate of a family that originally came from Arkansas and Alabama. Some of their family quilts are in the Oklahoma Heritage Quilts book.  Rocky, Oklahoma 

Price: $585.00
(Item: Q-778)
Four Point Touching Stars Quilt- note attached 1918

Offering this well made antique quilt, one I am unsure of the pattern , so called it a 4 Point Touching Stars  or Stars and Diamonds. ( Just found a pattern similar called Kaleidoscope pattern and also Rock Garden) The condition of the quilt is mint and looks to be unused and maybe washed once.  It is hand quilted at 7 SPI. Double line quilting in the diamonds.  An extra nice addition with the pinwheel pieced blocks in the corners. For the binding the back is brought forward to the front and machine stitched down. This quilt is dated 1918 on the back corner on attached piece of fabric and notes "From Grandma Stark. Made after I was 95 years old. Christmas 1918."   Ohio.

Price: $725.00
(Item: Q-765)

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