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Welcome to Gallery #3, another page of antique quilts for sale. Be sure to visit all the gallery pages and any other categories that might be of interest to you while shopping. We welcome layaway. We offer no interest terms. Thanks for shopping with us. Enjoy your time on our web site and visit our Home Page for more quilt categories.   

Check out our Instagram page, Cindys Antique Quilts, where we post many that are not on the web site, so we invite you to see the selections there also.  Shop with confidence knowing the quilt you get will be described correctly. Thanks for your business. AND, dont forget we offer a no fee easy layway plan. 

Please note we are working on moving over to a Shopify web page, so we will make that known when it happens. Cindy 



Tulip Garden Quilt With Tulip Border  $795

This well made Tulip Garden quilt is in fabulous condition.  It is all hand quilted at 7-8 spi and the hand applique is quite fine too.  The size of 90 x 101 inches makes it one that a person can use easily on a queen or maybe a king bed and of course works well on smaller bed, just having a bigger drop on the sides.  The separate green binding is stitched on by hand and the backing is a soft yellow shade of fabric. The tulips are spring looking with colors of yellows, lavenders, reds and oranges set with green strips. This beauty has been professionally washed and is ready to enjoy. Illinois or Indiana

Price: $795.00
(Item: Q-912)
Courthouse Steps Log Cabin Quilt SALE $965.00 BUY NOW

This handsome Courthouse Steps Log Cabin quilt is a fabric lovers delight. The use of so many shirtings and prints of the 1880's-90's are so plentiful one will enjoy just looking at this close up and then it's a great visual from a distance. It displays well whether on a bed or use as a piece of wall art.  I think you'll also love the backing fabric as shown. The quilt came from an estate in Stanton, Michigan. Note also the way the edge was finished using a knife edge technique. Great condition, so look at the images and decide if this is the quilt you'll enjoy. 

Price: $1595.00
Sale Price: $965.00
(Item: Q-910)
Crocus Flower Applique  Quilt- Mint- Dated 1941

Offering this exceptional floral applique quilt, a Crocus Floral Applique, in unused condition, looks to be mint and has had one bath. The hand quilting is fine at 11-13 spi and be sure to look at the images  to see the quality workmanship. Several quilting patterns on this quilt.  This is an unusal pattern as it is one I just have not seen throughout the years. It is also a dated quilt and there are initials along with the 1941 date embroidered on the bottom edge of the quilt. The separate binding is stitched on by hand.  This is also a very large quilt with a generous size of 77x101 inches. Ohio

Price: $795.00
(Item: Q-875)
Glorified Postage Stamp Irish Chain Quilt - $550.00

This Texas quilt called Glorified Postage Stamp Super Irish Chain,,, and sometimes called Quilt of a Thousand Pieces is in very good condition. There's some slight toning as shown. The small scale pieces look to be nice 1920's-30's prints.  The pieces are only 7/8th inch in size, so smaller than a postage stamp! It is hand quilted on a diagonal pattern and the hand quilting is at 5-6 spi. There's about 5-6 black blocks with some slight wear.  For the binding the backing was brought forward to the front and stitched down and on one side there's a knife edge.  It looks to be all hand pieced,,, so much work. The quilt displays well and looks great used on a bed or a wall quilt with a good visual design. 

Price: $675.00
Sale Price: $550.00
(Item: Q-851)
Triple Irish chain Quilt

This is one fine Triple Irish Chain antique quilt. The quilting is excellent with fine hand quilting stitches at 9 spi. The condition is great, as it really looks unused, excellent and has had one bath.  I acquired it from an estate in Sayre, Oklahoma. The lady was more of a collector, so I don't think it actually was one of her family quilts.  The colors of deep yellow and brown work so well together and it has a triple border of the brown, yellow and white. There's a neat brown binding that is so nicely stitched on by hand in tiny stitches. The small blocks are barley 1 1/4 inch.  It displays so nicley on either a bed or a wall or many other thoughtful ways. I can't say enough about the fine workmanship of this quilt.  Western Oklahoma

Price: $875.00
(Item: Q-817)
Small Scale Trip Around the World Crib or Wall Quilt

This true small scale or minature Trip Around the World pattern crib or wall size quilt is in mint-excellent condition. Looks to be unused and may have been washed once. The size of the small blocks are  7/8 of an inch. All hand quilted at 7 spi and quilted by the block. The wonderful edge finished by doing a knife style edge. All hand whipped edging. A wonderful selection of 1930's prints and solids, so well put together. Some of the fabrics are novelty fabrics.  Paris, Illinois

Price: $745.00
(Item: Q-794)
Cheater/Printed Patchwork Double Wedding Ring Quilt

Offering this mint condition, looks unused, vintage cotton Double Wedding Ring pattern machine quilted quilt. The pattern is a small scale ring pattern and there are also quilting dots to which one could have quilted by.   The machine quilting is done in straight lines. The front is turned to the back and machine stitched down. A very nice usable quilt and has an attractive pattern. Cheater fabric or printed patchwork as it is often called means the pattern is printed on the fabric and it is not pieced other than the bigger pieces at the seams. West Virginia

Price: $245.00
(Item: Q-763)
Twelve Block Coxcombs and Currants Applique Quilt-MInt

Offering this folky type applique quilt, Coxcomb and Currants. It is a 12 block quilt and all hand quilted. The quilt is in mint condition, unused and never washed.  These quilts are getting harder to come by.  The hand quilting is done at 7 spi and the applique is also done by hand. There are gentle scallops on 3 sides of the quilt. A 3 color quilt of orange and green applique on an off white ground. Don't you love the applique circles around the bud. A separate green binding that is stitched on by hand.  This is more of a bold pattern and really looks great as a wall quilt or on a bed.  Texas

Price: $1195.00
Sale Price: $1045.00
(Item: Q-762)
Snowball or Pontiac Star Quilt    $395.00

Offering this attractive pattern of circles and also looks like stars,, depends how one looks at the quilt. It is called Snowball or Pontiac Stars,, just a couple of the names for this pattern. Also looks like 4 point stars.  The condition is excellent and it is all hand quilted at 7 spi. Looks to be hand pieced too,, so much work. The pieces are smaller and that means more work.  The separate pink binding is stitched on by hand. Illinois

Price: $435.00
Sale Price: $395.00
(Item: Q-746)
Nine Patch Chain Variation Quilt $835.00

Offering this wonderful patterned quilt that  looks so good hanging or displayed on a bed. It's a 9 Patch Variation pattern. The size is quite big, at a 86x99 inches. It is all very nicely hand quilted at 8-9 spi in little interlocking circles. The condition is excellent.  Fabrics of indigos and a mourning print.  Neat narrow binding formed by the back brought forward to the front and hand stitched down. From Rochester, New York.

Price: $835.00
(Item: Q-711)
Childs Pictorial Crib Applique Quilt
Childs Pictorial Crib Applique Quilt(q-304) Circa 1930's, size 36x56. This crib quilt is in excellent condition . It is all hand quilted at a nice 8-9 spi and also hand appliqued with some hand embroidery too. Applique figures of children, a ship, apple, a pear, grapes, jack in the box, a cat, etc. All the applique is on a blue ground and the separate binding is hand whipped on This was a kit quilt. Unsure of the company. A nice quilt for a collection.
Price: $575.00
Sale Price: $485.00
(Item: Q-304)

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