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Vintage feedsacks/floursacks for sale on this page. Most the the old feedsacks will measure approximately 37 x 46 inches and will be in good condition without serious stains or large holes. I don't wash my sacks and they are offered as I acquired them. The small scale pictures will be representative of the entire vintage feedsack as far as pattern is concerned. I intend to have a page of just novelty and conversation feedsacks, so keep watching my site and bookmark it for future visiting.


If checking out through paypal, the shipping may be higher than expected, as it only recognizes item numbers not the actual item and weight, so I will just refund some of the shipping fees. Usually sacks can be shipped for about $6.00 for one and will prorate amount depending on the number of sacks purchased. Thanks for looking at our selection. 

Three Little Pigs Novelty/Juvenile Feedsack- Rare

Three Little Pigs- wolf, house conversation vintage feedsack. One of the more rare patterns. 

Price: $145.00
(Item: FS-823)
Mexican/Serape Sombrero Novelty- Conversation Feedsack

Great scale and detail Hispanic- southwest feedsack. Cactus , sombrero, serape, flowers

Price: $75.00
(Item: FS-822)
Vintage Circles Feedsack-Teal,Brown, Cheddar
Price: $39.00
(Item: FS-656)
Vintage Novelty Cotton Feedsack Pillowcase
Price: $26.00
(Item: FS-450)
Novelty Feedsack- Framed houses, trees, grapes- SOLD
Novelty Feedsack- Houses, trees, grapes, etc.(fs-310)- size 36x43
(Item: FS-310)
Price: $30.00
(Item: FS-110)

Cindy's Antique Quilts

A wide selection of quality antique quilts, and quilt tops, Indian trade and camp blankets.

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Clinton, OK 73601

Cindy Rennels
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