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Antique-Vintage Quilt Tops

Antique, vintage, patchwork or applique quilt tops that may be ready to quilt or just enjoy as found are offered on this page. Some of the old tops may be hand pieced and some are machine pieced which was commonly done, as many women were glad to get that first sewing machine and wanted to use it in quilt making.  Not all tops I have are on the web site, so if you have something in mind that is not showing, please be sure and check with me on others. We have 200 or more tops available. 

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Early Folk Art Tulip Applique Quilt Top-Unusual Border

Offering this fantastic Tulip Applique Quilt Top with the most unusual border. The top has a very folk art appeal. The border is so different, so take a look. The condition is excellent other than some slight migration of color on one corner, as shown. All the applique is done by hand. It displays so graphically and could be used as is or quilted.  I have had alot of quilt tops and this one is definitely on the rare side. Rochester, New York. 

Price: $1185.00
(Item: QT-903)
Blue and White Double Irish Chain Quilt Top

Offering this popular pattern, called Double Irish Chain. This is a quilt top. Nicely hand pieced.  Note the maker used the same indigo throughout. Circa 1890's. 

Price: $225.00
(Item: QT-902)
Honeycomb Quilt Top  SOLD

Offering this very nice Honeycomb quilt top that is in very good condition. There are 2 pieces of red polka dot blocks that have popping of a white dot. It is hand pieced and is ready to quilt or use just the way it is. What a great one patch pattern. So many  fabrics used in making this top. Several  feedsack fabrics used in making the top.

(Item: QT-785)
Hexagons Vintage Quilt Top  SOLD

Offering this multicolor prints vintage 1930's Hexagons quilt top. some feed or flour sack fabrics.. Like a charm top, not sure if any repeats! Indiana

(Item: QT-699)
Rose Wreath Quilt Top

Offering this attractive applique Rose Wreath quilt top that is in very good condition. circa 1880'-90's

Price: $320.00
Sale Price: $265.00
(Item: QT-698)
Red, White & Blue Tumbling Blocks Top- Exhibited-SOLD

This visual Tumbling Blocks or Baby Blocks vintage quilt top is in excellent condition. It is all hand pieced. Made with  strong solids of red, white and blue fabrics that  appear to be circa 1940's. It also has a triple border of the 3 colors. Sometimes solids can be harder to date, but feel this is probably a World War II quilt. This is one of the pieces that were exhibited in the America Collects-Patriotic Quilts in Houston, Tx. 2010 that came out of my collection. The top was board mounted and displayed well. It's a nice top to keep as is or can be quilted. Acquired in New Mexico.

(Item: QT-683)
The Flowering Almond Applique Quilt Top

This whimsey applique quilt top, known as The Flowering Almond, is in very good condition. It is all hand appliqued  and hand pieced on the border. This patttern has a revival feel , of quilts earlier,  with thoughts of the Revival period. The pattern is also called Chestnut Berry.  It's a pattern from the periodical "Comforts Applique and Patchwork -Rivival of Old Time Patchwork (1921 or 1922), per notes of Barbara Brackman. A wonderful top to enjoy as is or it can be quilted.

Price: $545.00
Sale Price: $485.00
(Item: QT-680)
Pink/Green Double Irish Chain Quilt Top

This generous sized Double Irish Chain quilt top is in very good condition. It is unwashed. Machine pieced. There is a triple border of pink and white on 3 sides of the top. The size of 81x98 is large enough for many of todays beds.  Can be used as is or quilted. Ohio

Price: $225.00
(Item: QT-658)
Spinning Stars Antique Quilt Top
This nice old top I call a Spinnig Stars is in excellent condition. A wonderful late 1800's top. The pattern is more unusual that what I normally see in star patterns. Also reminds me of a sand dollar or daisy. A variety of fabrics from 1880's-90's set with a double pink fabric.
Price: $345.00
(Item: QT-595)
Redwork Embroidered Quilt Top w/ Fabulous Border
Redwork Embroidered Quilt Top w/ Fabulous Border(qt-216) Circa 1890's, size 63x78. This wonderful example of redwork has a great variety of patterns, some familiar and some not so, but very well done. Also the border really adds to this great top. There is some deterioration of the muslin in a couple blocks, the worst is shown, just a spot in the other one. This could be backed with other muslin or like fabric or left as is if desired. Beautiful hand piecing. Take a look at some of the patterns. Hudson Valley, N.Y. area.
Price: $295.00
(Item: QT-216)

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