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Western Americana -Decor

Enjoy shopping for vintage/antique western furniture and decorating accessories/collectibles on this page. One may find some 1950's wagon wheel furniture or A Brandt Ranch Oak furniture or western bookends, western lamps, vintage cowboy boots( great for decorating or collecting) and other items of interest. Also, many quilts work well in a western decor and of course the camp Indian pattern blankets, like the Beacon blankets or Pendleton blankets.

Rare Oregon City Indian Trade Blanket- Black/White-SOLD

Offering this hard to find color of an early, circa 1920's Oregon City Indian trade blanket. The colors of only black and grey with alittle white and having the original grey felted binding makes this blanket one of the more desired blankets made by Oregon City.  I personally love this combination,,, so it may be a matter of choice in colors.  The condition of this blanket is excellent, as blankets go , some might consider close to mint ,,, seeing a small moth spot as shown and looks like it was stored well for many years. Both sides of the blanket have a different look,, one of the charms of these blankets, having 2 in one.  A fantastic collectors blanket and it displays so well and looks handsome on a wall or however one might want to dispay one.  The wool blanket retains most of the Oregon City label in the corner, dating to it post 1920. There is a blanket like this in the book Language of the Robe by Bob Kapoun on page 97 and also one with this pattern in the book, Chasing Rainbows by Barry Friedman on page 140 upper right. It was noted that this pattern was featured in a 1925 catalog.  This is like a black and white quilt,,, they are hard to find too....

(Item: B-839)
1950's Cowboy Child's Rocking Chair

Offering this fabulous childs 1950's vintage Cowboy Rocking Chair. The chair is in very good condition. It is 24 inches tall, 17 inches wide and 19 inches deep. Ready for that little buckaroo to grow up with. They are great decorating pieces too and fun to have when guest come over with children.. And wonderful for displaying that favorite teddy bear! Please note this is not A Brandt Ranch Oak furniture. 

Price: $395.00
(Item: F-819)
Old Vintage Kids Cowboy Boots

Offering this pair of 1950's leather childrens cowboy boots that have the patina of the time. Can't you just see a little buckaroo wearing these or a "town kid", that wants that first horse wearing these!!  They have normal wear and use. Great to display. Original cloth pulls. At one time the inlay had been penciled in, and still shows on one of the boots. Looks like the other was removed, so sure the other can be also with some leather cleaner.   Original soles.

Price: $165.00
(Item: WEST-751)
Vintage 1950's Kids Cowboy Boots- click pic for boots!!

Offering these neat childrens leather cowboy or cowgirl boots from the 1950's. They have nice double line stitching and there's flowers stitched in the uppers.  They are in very good condition and show normal wear as boots from that time period, but great and still have so much life left. Also wonderful to display or add to collection of kids vintage boots. ( I have a small collection myself and love the way they look on a shelf)  Original cloth pulls.

Price: $195.00
(Item: WEST-750)
Round-Up Time Western Pictorial Crib Quilt

Offering this great western themed pictorial crib quilt from the 1950's, Round Up Time. Depicting 2 children and their horses at the ranch with their dog.   The quilt is in very good condition and has been washed, so is ready to use and enjoy. All ahnd quilted  at 6-7 spi. It is also hand embroidered and hand appliqued. The separate red binding is stitched on by hand. This was a 1950's kit quilt and was a very popular pattern. It took alot of work to finish one of these quilts.  This was one of a pair, but selling separate.    

Price: $1295.00
(Item: Q-744)
Rare Capps Flathead Indian Trade Blanket  SOLD

Offering this great rare wool Capps Indian Trade blanket in the Flathead pattern.(One I have never owned in my trade blanket buying/collecting). This wool blanket is in very good/excellent condition, with just a few moth bites. The pattern is typical of the Capps style, being more simple and in bands.  Colors of red, cheddar/pumpkin, green and cream. It has the original felt binding that is in very good condition also.  The label is still in the corner, but unreadable. The blanket displays well and the size of 57x71 makes it a good one to hang or display in many ways. There's a blanket in the book , Chasing Rainbows by Barry Friedman on page 76 referencing this pattern in the 1911 catalog..(Wonderful book, I might add) Excellent blanket for a collection as I can't always keep the best!!! Oklahoma City, Ok. estate.

(Item: B-738)
Round Up Time Western Cowboy/Cowgirl Quilt

Offering this delightful vintage quilt,  a pictorial of  a young cowboy and cowgirl riding their horses and the dog and calf and other scenes depicting western life. Also in the corner with applique and some embroidery is a tepee and , in addition ot the cactus and fence, Indian child holding a pot and much more. The details are great. The quilt is in excellent condition. It is all hand quilted at a nice 8 spi. The applique is done by hand and nice embroidered accents of flowers and grass. This was a kit quilt from the 1950's with a theme so popular today too. The separate red binding is stitched on by hand. The quilt has had a bath so is ready to use and enjoy or display in so many ways.

Price: $1395.00
(Item: Q-728)
A Brandt Ranch Oak Hide Covered Candlestick Lamp

Offering an original A Brandt  Ranch Oak lamp that is partially cowhide covered, original, and has the original finial. The price, $225.00, is for one lamp and if both are available would sell both for $395.00. There is no shade with the lamps, but there is an image showing one with an old shade. The lamp is 18 inches to the bottom of the finial. Excellent conditon and works. Would look great on a night stand  or desk and add some rawhide shades to finish the look.

Price: $225.00
(Item: F-638)
A Brandt Ranch Oak Step Table-honey oak  -- SOLD
This is an original Ranch Oak Step table.. model # 1894 in the A Brandt catalog. The top is 32"x17", and the upper tier is 15"x16" and the height is 14" and 21" to the top shelf. It is finished in the honey oak. It is in good condition and shows some use on the top side. A nice usable side table for a couch or next to a bed.
(Item: F-622)
Lancaster County  Irish Chain Quilt
This Pennsylvania Double Irish Chain quilt is in excellent condition. Wonderful solids of cheddar, red and green. All hand quilted at 5-6 spi. Also looks to be hand pieced too. The quilt has had little use, if any as it showns no wear and doesn't appear to have ever been washed. The plaid backing goes well with this quilt. For the binding the back was brought forward to the front and hand stitched down. There is a couple spots of loss of the overdye color, as shown. It is possible a Pennsylvania Mennonite quilt and is from the Lancaster County, Pennsylvania area.
Price: $645.00
(Item: Q-593)
A Brandt Ranch Oak Set of 4 Brunch Chairs
This is an extra nice set of Ranch Oak Brunch chairs. Condition is excellent. The price is for the set of 4 of them. Light honey oak finish from circa 1950's. The original label is still uderneath one of them. It is model #3183 from the A Brandt Company Fort Woth, Texas.
Price: $595.00
(Item: F-587)
A Brandt Ranch Oak Corner Table
This is an original A Brandt Ranch Oak corner table in excellent condition. It is in the light honey oak finish. Look at the images for details. It still has the original label underneath which shows it is model #2801.
Price: $395.00
(Item: F-586)
Texas Lone Star with Triple Border Quilt

This colorful Texas Lone Star quilt is in very good condition . Actually was unused and has had one washing. There is some very slight color bleed in 5 of the pumpkin diamonds and a small storage spot on the binding. Solids of pumpkin, green and pink on a white ground and a border of pumpkin , white and green with a pumpkin binding. The binding is put on by machine. The quilting is by hand at 7-8 spi. The diamonds are  on the smaller scale and very nicely pieced. There is quilting in each diamond. The border has a cable-like quilting pattern. The quilt is clean and ready to use or display. Massachusetts

Price: $565.00
(Item: Q-557)
Pendleton Indian Trade Blanket/Shawl- NIce  SOLD
This wool Pendleton Indian shawl is in excellent condition. Ready to enjoy or display. Colors mostly red with bands having some greens and soft oranges. This is a banded blanket with a good geometric pattern in the bands. An attractive black fringe finished off the blanket. The original label is still attached. This it the label that has a wide date range, but I feel it is from the 1940's. The blanket has a very nice flat wool "hand". It is a Beaver State by Pendleton. A colorful blanket.
(Item: B-550)
Oregon City Indian Trade Blanket  SOLD
Offering this wool Oregon City Indian trade blanket in good condition. A good pattern that has the resemblance of cattle brands and a geometric pattern. This is one not often seen. Colors of greens, browns and taupe with the original felt binding. There is some wear on the binding and a couple minor mends in the blanket that blend well. The old label is on the corner, as shown. A circa 1920's blanket. There is a blanket with the same pattern in Barry Friedman's book Chasing Rainbows on page 158. The blanket displays well and I can just visualize it in a cabin or draped over a chair or sofa.
(Item: B-535)
Chasing Rainbows- out of stock currently

Chasing Rainbows: Collecting American Indian Trade & Camp Blankets (bk- 447) Author Barry Friedman with James Collins and Gary Diamond , photographs by Gary Diamond. This is a great book containing information regarding Indian trade blankets with lots of text and superb photographs. I personally recommend this book. This book is a favorite of many of the blanket collectors and has a wealth of information. Shipping media mail is included in price of _____ in the U.S. lower 48 states. Request total for shipping elsewhere.

(Item: BK-447)
(Item: )
Beacon Blanket with Original Label
Beacon Blanket with Original Label(b-361)- Circa 1930's, Size 65x75. The condition of this blanket is very good with just a handful of the fringe gone, about 5 strands. A handsome plaid cotton blanket of green ,deep chocolate brown ,and cream and a touch of red. Original Beacon label still attached. Displays well.
Price: $165.00
(Item: B-361)
A Brandt Ranch Oak Gun Cabinet Case--unavailable
A Brandt Ranch Oak Furnitue Gun Cabinet Case(f-354)- Circa 1950's. Size is 46"wide, 15" deep, 27" high. The condition of this A Brandt Gun Cabinet base or also called the cabinet case is very good. It has been refinished. It is more a deep oak color.It does not have the top case. I thought it was a small buffet when acquiring it years ago. It would make a good accessory piece as it's not too big. Great for an entrance, bathroom, rec room, possibilities are endless. One might even have the top that goes with it. In the RO catalog this is stock #1893.
(Item: F-354)
A Brandt Ranch Oak Peg Lamp -- SOLD

A Brandt Ranch Oak Peg Lamp(f-325)- Circa 1950's. 29'tall. The condition of this lamp is very good. It has the original shade. The model number in the catalog is #1908. There are several of these lamps available, not all have shades.

(Item: F-325)
A Brandt Ranch Oak Side Table
A Brandt Ranch Oak Side Table(f-266)- Circa 1950's, size top 15x25, 22" high, catalog #1875. The condition of this table is very good. Original finish is the light oak and used lightly. Sturdy and ready to use.
Price: $295.00
(Item: F-266)
Pendleton Indian Trade Blanket- Browns, red, green-SOLD
Pendleton Indian Trade Blanket- Browns, red, green(b-225) Circa 1920-30's, size 63x79. This wool Pendleton blanket is in excellent condition and has a pattern I cannot find the name of. Very different. It has the original label frame and some threads. Also the origianl felt binding is in very good condition. Colors of browns, with some reds, greens, camel, etc. Hangs and displays great. No shrinkage. A nice trade blanket for a collection.
(Item: B-225)
Early Victorian Lady and Horse Advertising Tray
Early Lady and Horse Advertising Tray- Circa 1920's, size 13x16 inches. This great looking tray is in good condition. Beautiful Victorian lady with her horse. Advertising piece. E.L. Kecklay & Son The Merchants It's a good place to trade. Agra,Kans.
Sale Price: $290.00
(Item: WEST-222)
A Brandt Ranch Oak End Table -style #2863
A Brandt Ranch Oak End Table (f-173) This original piece of A Brandt Ranch Oak is style number 2863 in the Ranch Oak catalog. The condition is very good. It still has the original label on the underneath side. A 2 tier table in the acorn finish. Get this one now at a good price!
Price: $275.00
(Item: F-173)

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