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Pendleton Indian Trade Blankets

To shop both wool Indian trade blankets and cotton Indian camp/Beacon/Esmond blankets be sure to check out the category list. This selection of Indian trade blankets will be wool unless noted. These blankets will be from the Pendleton Woolen Mills that include Pendletons, Beaver State, Cayuse and Blackfoot. Also included are Capps from the J Capps & Sons Company and Oregon City from the Oregon City Woolen Mills and sometimes a Racine by the Racine Woolen Manufacturing Company and with hopes a Buell blanket by the Buell Manufacturing Company. We are always adding new stock as it becomes available. Excellent books for reference on trade blankets that I recommend are Chasing Rainbows by Barry Friedman and Language Of The Robe by Robert Kapoun and a book with several pages of blankets is Chihuly's Pendletons by Dale Chihuly. A new book recently published and highly recommended is Still Chasing Rainbows by Barry Friedman.

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Cayuse Indian Trade Blanket by Pendleton1930-40's  SOLD

Offering this Cayuse Indian trade blanket/shawl made by Pendleton Woolen Mills from circa 1930-40's. The blanket is in very good condition and is ready to enjoy. A handsome blanket with a deep green ground on one side with sunsuet shades, some black and great geometric patterns. Note how different the blanket looks on each side, as one side is so much more patterened!!  This is a shawl and would have generally been worn by women.  The size of 65x61 does not  include the fringe, of which some has worn off. The original label is still attached  and in great condition. This is a 9 element blanket and there's one similar to this in the book, Lauguage of the Robe by Bob Kapoun of Santa Fe, New Mexico.   The blanket displays nicely and hangs well if wanting to display on a wall.  A nice collectors trade blanket.  

(Item: B-873)
Beacon Blankets Make Warm Friends- Book

This is  a great book for information on Beacon blankets. Beacon blankets often referred to as  "camp" blankets and Indian blankets will be detailed in this book and there's lots of great images. Authors Jerry and Kathy Brownstein  bring much light to the collecting of these blankets.  The book tells the history of the company and shows lots of the original designs. Shipping $5.00 media mail. Beacon Blankets Make Warm Friends is an excellent book.. Highly recommend!

Price: $49.95
(Item: BOOK-801)
Cayuse Indian Trade Blanket- green,red,cheddar,SOLD

This wool Indian trade blanket, a Pendleton Woolen Mills blanket, Cayuse lablel. The blanket is in very good condition, having a tiny hole, and a small wear spot,  both shown. The original felt binding is in excellent condition and the original label attached and very nice.  This is the second Cayuse label, circa 1921-1930. The blanket displays well and is flat and no shrinkage. It's a blanket one can add to a collection. There's a blanket of this pattern in the book, Language Of The Robe by  Robert Kapoun, page 149. 

(Item: B-714)
Displaying your vintage trade and Beacon blankets

Click on the image for more pictures of how a collection of blankets can be shown and displayed.  Just a couple of many ways to show off those great blankets. A couple on a sofa makes for warmth on a cool night!!

(Item: 00000)
Oregon City Indian Trade Blanket
This Oregon City Indian trade blanket is in good condition. Still retains the original red felt binding which has alittle wear on the ends and an old not well done repair on one end, as shown. The label is there, but unreadable. The overall condition of the wool trade blanket is very good, although there is some shrinkage on the ends. The pattern is desirable and it's a nice weight, not too heavy and displays well.
Price: $345.00
(Item: B-600)
Oklahoma Native American quilt-The Airplane Quilt SOLD
This quilt is from an Oklahoma Native American ladies trunk as was told to me. She was from Tallequah, Oklahoma. The pattern , the Airplane pattern was probably from one of Cappers weekly publications. Some of the publications that Cappers Weekly printed that included quilt patterns were Kansas Farmer, Cappers Farmer and several more. This quilt is in excellent condition, as it looked to be pretty much unused and now has had just one wash. It is hand quilted in the Baptist fan pattern at a 5 spi. Lots of feedsacks went into the making of this quilt. The separate pink binding was put on by hand. Airplane and Native American quilts are harder to come by and this is a good example of a quilt from the 1940's with that pattern. Oklahoma
(Item: Q-534)
Chasing Rainbows- out of stock currently

Chasing Rainbows: Collecting American Indian Trade & Camp Blankets (bk- 447) Author Barry Friedman with James Collins and Gary Diamond , photographs by Gary Diamond. This is a great book containing information regarding Indian trade blankets with lots of text and superb photographs. I personally recommend this book. This book is a favorite of many of the blanket collectors and has a wealth of information. Shipping media mail is included in price of _____ in the U.S. lower 48 states. Request total for shipping elsewhere.

(Item: BK-447)
Cayuse Indian Trade Blanket- Green, red
Cayuse Indian Trade Blanket-Green, red(b-258) Circa 1930's, size 53x67. The condition of this wool Cayuse trade blanket by Pendleton Mills is very good. The original red felt binding is there and it also is in very good condition. The colors of greens, reds, mustard, wine, etc give this blanket a colorful look when displaying one side. The original label, shown, is the 3rd Cayuse label dating the blanket to 1936-1941. There is one small thinned spot, shown. The blanket displays nicely and has lots of body.
Price: $495.00
(Item: B-258)
Pendleton Indian Trade Blanket- Purple-Green. SOLD
Pendleton Indian Trade Blanket- Purple/Green(b-251) Circa 1920's, size 60x76. This wonderful looking wool blanket with the old label fragment, shown, is offered as is. There are 2 holes measuring 1x2 inches each near the lower corner, so it is a great decorating blanket. There is binding wear, but the moths didn't get to this blanket much. The blanket hangs nicely and no shrinkage and is in very good condition other than the holes mentioned. Could realy be hung behind a couch or draped or just folded, as this is a good patterned blanket. The colors of deep purple, green, some yellow make this an attractive blanket.
(Item: B-251)

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