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Beacon & Esmond Indian Camp Blankets

Wrap up in a Beacon blanket! These Beacon Indian pattern blankets make good bed covers, sofa throws, wall art, table covers, jackets(damaged ones) and much more. Beacon camp blankets are highly collectible and look good just stacked up or hung on an old ladder. Beacon blankets were introduced in the early 1900's. Beacon blanket has become the generic name for many cotton blankets, because not all blankets were made by the Beacon Manufacturing Company and the term Beacon blanket is used loosly. Another company producing these camp blankets was the Esmond Mills Company of Esmond, R.I.

Beacon blankets were introduced in the early 1900's. The Indian design camp blankets, as they are often called, were sold at stores like Sears Roebuck & Co., Montgomery Ward, W.T. Grant, J.C. Penny, dry good stores and others as noted in the book Beacon Blankets Make Warm Friends by Brownstein. They are easy to care for and are generally very washable. Here's some good reading, along with great pictures, on blankets that is recommended: Language of the Robe- Robert Kapoun, Chasing Rainbows-Barry Friedman, Beacon Blankets Make Warm Friends- Jerry and Kathy Brownstein. Note ,,, new book out 2014!! Still Chasing Rainbows  -  Collecting American Indian Trade & Camp Blankets by Barry Friedman. 

I think of a beacon blanket in "earlier" days as one that was used in the 1930's to the 60's,,(and that's part of my time era!!) that was used when traveling and thrown in the automobile just in case... also for the bunk, cabin or childrens room or for the guest that needed an extra cover or thrown on the sofa for warming up when drafty. Some of the Beacon blankets were of double length and one could lay on it and fold the rest of it over the top of oneself.. or just use it as double cover. These Beacon blankets were generally floral or striped or had other non Indian patterns.

All blankets listed in this category will be cotton unless noted. They also come from a non smoking home and will usually have been cleaned as wet washed. There may be the occasional age spot, but these blankets aren't "new". One of the great features of these camp blankets, as they have good texture, are not usually scratchy, feel good next to the skin, and can be washed or dry cleaned if preferred. Some collectors/clients like the blankets that have been used some and have that certain "feel", washed a few times , but not abused, so not quite that "out of the box" feel and look. Buy what you like and you will enjoy it for years .

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Original Beacon Indian  Blanket

Offering this fabulous Beacon Indian blanket. A real handsome blanket that has rich colors of indigo and deep rich red shade with some green and tan to add to the detail. The original sateen binding is attached and shows some natural wear. The Beacon company label is still attached and is shown in the images. This was a style Sachem #9 blanket in the 1925 -26 Beacon catalog. There's an image of this blanket as shown in the book Beacon Blankets Make Warm Friends by Jerry and Kathy Browstein, page 56 upper left.  This cotton blanket  has lots of body and displays quite nicely. It can be enjoyed in so many ways and a great piece for a collection. Look at the images and any questions, I'm glad to try and answer.   

Price: $695.00
(Item: B-892)
Beacon Indian Camp Blanket - Red-Blue-Green  SOLD

Offering this handsome Beacon Indian Blanket in colors of indigo, red and green with a touch of off white. This geometric pattern of an Indian inspired design makes this a very appealing pattern. The condition is excellent and it is ready to enjoy and use in so many ways. This cotton blanket is soft to the touch and makes a blanket that not only displays well, but if you want to wrap up in it,,, well , turn down the thermostat!! 

(Item: B-880)
Indian Camp Blanket- Esmond? - $485.00

Offering this unwashed, looks to be really unused Indian camp blanket... I'm not sure of the maker of this blanket, might be an Esmond blanket,,, it feels like a blend of sort maybe a wool cotton blend or cotton blend. It has a super look and design. Colors of blue, yellow, green and wine making it a very striking blanket. There are what look some slight dark spots probably from storage, as shown, that may wash out, but since it had never been washed, wanted to offer it as found. For the edging or binding it is whip stitched on the 2 ends and there's a small remnant of a paper piece or probably part of the label that would have been attached. Look at the pictures.  Displays well and looks great on a wall. 

Price: $545.00
Sale Price: $485.00
(Item: B-875)
Beacon Blankets Make Warm Friends- Book

This is  a great book for information on Beacon blankets. Beacon blankets often referred to as  "camp" blankets and Indian blankets will be detailed in this book and there's lots of great images. Authors Jerry and Kathy Brownstein  bring much light to the collecting of these blankets.  The book tells the history of the company and shows lots of the original designs. Shipping $5.00 media mail. Beacon Blankets Make Warm Friends is an excellent book.. Highly recommend!

Price: $49.95
(Item: BOOK-801)
Esmond Indian Blanket- Purple-Sunset

This is a great graphic cotton Indian camp blanket. Looks to be a vintage Esmond. Wonderful colors of purple, sunset, green and pumpkin set in a geometric pattern. The edge is self bound. The condition is excellent. Displays well and very usable. Clean and ready to enjoy.

Price: $545.00
(Item: B-790)
Vintage Cotton Beacon Indian Blanket/Shawl- Mint

Offering this handsome cotton Indian camp blanket that may be a Beacon brand, but does not have a label. Colors and pattern are great and it is ready to enjoy or display. The size of 61x66 does not include the fringe. Shawls were often worn by women although this blanket would not have been made for the Native American Indians specifically,  but the pattern mimics many of the trade blankets.  A wonderful blanket to add to a collection.  Has a good feel and not too heavy.

Price: $675.00
(Item: B-753)
Beacon Indian Blanket- pink/purple-lavender/green

Offering this great cotton Beacon blanket in shades of pink, lavender- purple, greens and cream. I don't often see blankets with these colors. The condition is very good, although there is a neat mend on the edge as shown. Some slight binding wear on the original Beacon binding. Just the right feel if wanting the vintage look, but not really worn! This is a blanket that may be in Barry Friedman's new  blanket book coming out as it was photographed. Circa 1920's , one of the earlier blankets.

Price: $475.00
(Item: B-748)
Beacon Indian Blanket/Shawl With Label

Offering this excellent original cotton Beacon Indian blanket with the label still attached in the corner. A great collectors blanket  having a wonderful pattern. It is a Wigwam style as shown in the book on page 55, Beacon Blankets Make Warm Friends by Brownstein.  Shades of mainly browns, blues and some black and cream make up the color palette. Blankets in this fine condition don't come along every day, so take a look at this one.

Price: $625.00
(Item: B-728)
Displaying your vintage trade and Beacon blankets

Click on the image for more pictures of how a collection of blankets can be shown and displayed.  Just a couple of many ways to show off those great blankets. A couple on a sofa makes for warmth on a cool night!!

(Item: 00000)
Beacon Indian Camp Blanket-  Wigwam-Shawl

Offering this attractive cotton Beacon Indian blanket that has a pattern called, Wigwam. It is in excellent condition and the size is 65x77 not including the fringe. Colors of black, red yellow and a gray shade. These blankets are reversible and look different on each side.  There is a blanket similar to this in Language of the Robe, page 232, by Bob Kapoun. A wonderful display blanket and very usable.

Price: $495.00
(Item: B-688)
Chasing Rainbows- out of stock currently

Chasing Rainbows: Collecting American Indian Trade & Camp Blankets (bk- 447) Author Barry Friedman with James Collins and Gary Diamond , photographs by Gary Diamond. This is a great book containing information regarding Indian trade blankets with lots of text and superb photographs. I personally recommend this book. This book is a favorite of many of the blanket collectors and has a wealth of information. Shipping media mail is included in price of _____ in the U.S. lower 48 states. Request total for shipping elsewhere.

(Item: BK-447)
Beacon Blanket with Original Label
Beacon Blanket with Original Label(b-361)- Circa 1930's, Size 65x75. The condition of this blanket is very good with just a handful of the fringe gone, about 5 strands. A handsome plaid cotton blanket of green ,deep chocolate brown ,and cream and a touch of red. Original Beacon label still attached. Displays well.
Price: $165.00
(Item: B-361)
Beacon Indian Blanket- Small Scale- Blues- Apricot
Beacon Indian Blanket- Small Scale- Blues- Apricot(b-356)- Circa 1930's, size 63x76. The condition of this nice smaller scale blanket is very good with only wear on the binding , as shown. An attractive blanket that displays nicely. No label, but sure looks like a Beacon brand.
Price: $435.00
(Item: B-356)
Beacon Indian Blanket- purple,grn, blue  SALE $395.00

Beacon Indian Blanket- purple,grn,blue(b-191) Circa 1930's, size 63x82. Excellent condition. Original red binding . Fresh and clean. Wonderful unusual colors. Lots of body and thickness. #beaconblanket

Price: $425.00
Sale Price: $395.00
(Item: B-191)
Beacon Indian Camp Blanket- Shawl- Mint

Beacon Indian Camp Blanket-Shawl- Mint- Circa pre 1950's, size 63x75 w/o the fringe. Cotton with a reversible pattern. Gorgeous colors of deep country blue, black, rusty-brown and white. Condition is absolutely mint, unwashed and looks unused. A thick blanket with lots of body. Again, this is an attractive blanket. #beaconindianblanket

Price: $475.00
(Item: B-141)

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