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Antique Quilts Under $400.00 !!!

Have fun shopping on this under $400.00 quilt page and find the vintage quilt that fits the budget. Collectible/ antique quilts don't have to be expensive to enjoy and cherish. Several galleries of old antique quilts, quilt tops, quilt blocks, feedsacks and other quilt categories are available for your shopping convenience at Cindys Antique Quilts. We offer a convenient layaway plan and there's no interest or other fees. Ask  for details. Thanks for shopping this web site and enjoy!

Stars Wall Quilt with Border  - Sold

Offering this graphic eyecatching original crib quilt of Stars with Stars Border or Texas Star.  It is in good condition having a couple spots as shown and really shows no wear. The binding is in good condition and it stitched on by hand. The quilting is done by hand at 7 spi. From a few feet, the spots mainly on the border, are hard to see. It displays well and is a wonderful pattern.  Colors of purple/lavender, green and yellow on a white ground makes this an attractive quilt. It could be used as a wall quilt or even framed... 

(Item: Q-862)
Childs Applique Crib Quilt- Ribbons- Bear..

This charming childs crib quilt,,, an applique with a central theme of the mother bear putting the baby bear to bed?  All hand quilted at 7-8 spi and hand appliqued.  The condition is excellent. This was a kit quilt. The separate blue binding was stitched on by hand.  Ready to enjoy...

Price: $295.00
(Item: Q-792)
Cheater/Printed Patchwork Double Wedding Ring Quilt

Offering this mint condition, looks unused, vintage cotton Double Wedding Ring pattern machine quilted quilt. The pattern is a small scale ring pattern and there are also quilting dots to which one could have quilted by.   The machine quilting is done in straight lines. The front is turned to the back and machine stitched down. A very nice usable quilt and has an attractive pattern. Cheater fabric or printed patchwork as it is often called means the pattern is printed on the fabric and it is not pieced other than the bigger pieces at the seams. West Virginia

Price: $245.00
(Item: Q-763)
Churn Dash Vintage Quilt

Offering this very usable vintage quilt, Churn Dash or also called Hole in the Barn Door. The quilt is in excellent contition and is ready to enjoy. It is all hand quilted. The quilt although looks to be from the 1930's, has blocks that appear to be older, more like 1890's fabrics of indigos and shirtings, so may have been a generational quilt.  Or the blocks may have been done by someone and then put together in the 30's with fabrics of the time.

Price: $425.00
Sale Price: $395.00
(Item: Q-730)

Cindy's Antique Quilts

A wide selection of quality antique quilts, and quilt tops, Indian trade and camp blankets.

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