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Antique - Victorian Crazy Quilts

Antique Crazy Quilts - This page will be devoted to both finished antique crazy quilts and crazy quilt tops. These old crazy quilts will include those made of cotton, wool, silks and other fabrics. Usually these antique quilt tops were pieced on a foundation fabric and it is not uncommon to find them unfinished. I have suggested to customers that they do not always need to back them, unless preferred, and sometimes just adding a binding is all that is needed especially if one enjoyes viewing the backing. 

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Colorways - Abstract Maze Quilt   SALE $595

This is one of those quilts that we wonder what was her design pattern. So abstract and unique! There are 3 fabrics used in this quilt, the same pattern only using 3 different colorways. I feel this quilt maker was a " thinking out of the box" quilt maker. Did she/he have only this fabric left and wanted to make a unique design? It came from an estate in Illinois. The condition is excellent and has been washed once. The hand quilting is a nice 7-8 spi. The separate pink binding is stitched on by machine. True textile art. Much better even in person seeing this unusual quilt. 

Price: $765.00
Sale Price: $595.00
(Item: Q-913)
Rocky Road to Kansas Quilt. SOLD
This Rocky Road to Kansas quilt or also a 4 point pieced star is in excellent conditon. It is made of wools and other materials. Lots of fancy hand stitching to add a crazy quilt touch with the use of a variety of crazy quilt stitches. It looks to have been pieced on a foundation. It was machine stitched on the top and then backed with a grey flannel, as shown, and tied from the back, but most of the ties don't go through to the front. A very interesting quilt . It displays well and has rich colors. Purchased in Illinois.
(Item: Q-631)
Crazy Quilt-solids-  1920's Art Quilt $775.00
Crazy Quilt-solids- 1920's Art Quilt(q-411)- Circa 1920's, size 71x86. The condition of this quilt is excellent, really mint. It looks like it was just stored and never used. The solid colored pieces are like a felted fabric and the backing is a flannel stripe. The use of these solid colored felts, give the quilt a very artistic look and it could be used easily as an art piece. Displays well and great condition in this Illinois quilt.
Price: $975.00
Sale Price: $775.00
(Item: Q-411)

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