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Antique-Vintage Applique Quilts

Vintage and antique applique quilts are offered for sale on this page. Applique quilts are those quilts that one piece of fabric is put on top of the other, usually the ground fabric and stitched down either by hand or machine. These may be 19th or 20th century quilts. Be sure and check out the other quilt pages and the Galleries.

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Blue and White Oakleaf Quilt  with Border $785.00

Offering this excellent condition blue and white applique quilt, circa 1890's. An Oakleaf pattern with lots of hand work going into making this quilt. It is all hand quilted at a fine 10 spi and also hand appliqued. The binding is turned front to back and hand stitched down. A super nice 2 color quilt that would look great on a bed or even as wall art.  The triangles border set off the blocks and really frames the quilt. 

Price: $965.00
Sale Price: $785.00
(Item: Q-915)
Tulip Garden Quilt With Tulip Border  $795

This well made Tulip Garden quilt is in fabulous condition.  It is all hand quilted at 7-8 spi and the hand applique is quite fine too.  The size of 90 x 101 inches makes it one that a person can use easily on a queen or maybe a king bed and of course works well on smaller bed, just having a bigger drop on the sides.  The separate green binding is stitched on by hand and the backing is a soft yellow shade of fabric. The tulips are spring looking with colors of yellows, lavenders, reds and oranges set with green strips. This beauty has been professionally washed and is ready to enjoy. Illinois or Indiana

Price: $795.00
(Item: Q-912)
Whig Rose Applique Quilt

This atttractive red and green applique quilt has a touch of orange print in the centers of the roses. I call this a Whig Rose and it has alot going for it. The condition is excellent.  The design is somewhat different and it also has a border. The applique is well done and the hand quilting is at a nice 8-9 spi.  The rose has curved vines and the buds include some reverse applique. Another unusual twist to this quilt is the added red and green appliqued diamonds dividing the blocks, making somewhat of a sashing. The hand quilting is done  in a straight line diagonal throughout the quilt. For the binding the backing was brought forward to the front and machine stitched down, all of what looks to be original. A nice sized 9 block quilt. 

Price: $2195.00
(Item: Q-898)
Crocus Flower Applique  Quilt- Mint- Dated 1941

Offering this exceptional floral applique quilt, a Crocus Floral Applique, in unused condition, looks to be mint and has had one bath. The hand quilting is fine at 11-13 spi and be sure to look at the images  to see the quality workmanship. Several quilting patterns on this quilt.  This is an unusal pattern as it is one I just have not seen throughout the years. It is also a dated quilt and there are initials along with the 1941 date embroidered on the bottom edge of the quilt. The separate binding is stitched on by hand.  This is also a very large quilt with a generous size of 77x101 inches. Ohio

Price: $795.00
(Item: Q-875)
Stuffed Work Oakleaf Applique Quilt with Border  $1295.

Offering this exquisite quilted red and green Oakleaf applique quilt. The condition is very  good considering the age.  The quilting really stands out on this quilt. It is hand quilted at a fantastic 13 spi. The applique is also done by hand. The vines are stuffed and feel corded and there is stuffwork on the flowers and the red areas also. There's some slight thinning on some of the red fabrics and a couple loose applique spots.  The size of this quilt is quite generous at 90x91 inches. There is a separate binding that is stitched on by hand. Take a look at the pictures and enjoy. Any questions, always ask. Glad to give any information I have on my quilts! Nice to add to collection.

Price: $1595.00
Sale Price: $1295.00
(Item: Q-863)
Whig Rose- Stuffed Work

Offering for sale this excellent antique quilt, a Whigs Rose and often called Democratic Rose. The condition is excellent. All hand quilted at a nice 8-9 spi and the applique is done by hand also. For the binding the early corded style was done of which there is some slight wear on the corded binding to be expected on a quilt of this age.  The colors are good and note how all the applique has stuffed work.  Not only the flower is stuffed, but the vines and the leaves are also stuffed. Some background on the quilt is that it came from the Goldsmith family. I was told the family moved from New York to Prince Edward County Canada in the 1850's. The quilt has been professionally cleaned and is ready to enjoy. A special quilt for a collection. It displays well and can be shown or a bed or displayed on a wall. 

Price: $5495.00
(Item: Q-805)
Childs Applique Crib Quilt- Ribbons- Bear..

This charming childs crib quilt,,, an applique with a central theme of the mother bear putting the baby bear to bed?  All hand quilted at 7-8 spi and hand appliqued.  The condition is excellent. This was a kit quilt. The separate blue binding was stitched on by hand.  Ready to enjoy...

Price: $295.00
(Item: Q-792)
Blue and White Snowflake Quilt

Offering this attractive blue and white Snowflake applique quilt. Circa 1880's. Looks like a  Pennsylvania paper cut pattern.  All hand quilted at a nice 8 spi and it is also hand appliqued.  There are many hearts quilted for the quilting pattern and also clamshell quilting. This may have been a wedding quilt.  The conditon is very good with just a couple spots as noted and some very light binding wear (shown) on 2 of the sides. This is a summer weight quilt and is light and fresh and looks wonderful as a wall quilt or great on a bed or displayed. For the binding the backing is brought to the front and hand stitched down. Bucks County, Pennsylvania

Price: $895.00
(Item: Q-777)
Overall Bill Playing/ Sampler Pictorial Quilt

Offering this unusual child's theme quilt with a farmer boy or often called Overall Bill or Sam doing so many activities. He is going fishing, playing fetch with his dog, hoeing the garden, feeding the rabbit, pushing a wheelbarrow, jumping rope, feeding the chickens and more. This is more of a sampler of activities that one might find  a child doing on a farm.  The quilt is in excellent condition. All hand quilted at a nice 7-8 spi and all the applique and embroidery work is also done by hand. So much detail went into each block. The binding is done the knife edge style and is machine stitched.   A special quilt that would be a great birthday present or one to add to a collection of more unusual quilts with a theme. Pennsylvania

Price: $895.00
(Item: Q-773)
Twelve Block Coxcombs and Currants Applique Quilt-MInt

Offering this folky type applique quilt, Coxcomb and Currants. It is a 12 block quilt and all hand quilted. The quilt is in mint condition, unused and never washed.  These quilts are getting harder to come by.  The hand quilting is done at 7 spi and the applique is also done by hand. There are gentle scallops on 3 sides of the quilt. A 3 color quilt of orange and green applique on an off white ground. Don't you love the applique circles around the bud. A separate green binding that is stitched on by hand.  This is more of a bold pattern and really looks great as a wall quilt or on a bed.  Texas

Price: $1195.00
Sale Price: $1045.00
(Item: Q-762)
Puppies and Kittens Crib Quilt

Offering this darling crib of puppies and kittens appliqued with a green border. The animals were hand appliqued using a button hole stitch. Note the detail on the faces of the puppies and kittens. The condition is excellent, unused and washed once and is ready to enjoy or use. Nice hand quilting at 9 spi and even some of the pencil lines still  show, so this quilt really hasn't had use and was probably stored.  Crosshatch quilting. For the binding the backing was brought forward to the front and hand stitched down.  What a nice baby shower gift. Illinois

Price: $435.00
(Item: Q-761)
Strippie Flowers - Tulips and Dogtooth Border SOLD

Offering this unusual strippie quilt with flowers appliqued and applique sawtooth or dogtooth edgeing making up the strips and border. So unusual to see the applique red and green triangles. The quilt is in very good condition. The hand quilting is at 6 spi and the applique was done by hand. The quilting is done with a light yellow thread.  There's even a few French knots in the flowers. The separate red binding was stitched on by machine. I acquired this quilt in Indiana. Actually, I have another quilt similar to this pattern (it does not have the appliqued tulips in the strips as the only difference, but quilted with tulips), and it was also bought in Indiana,, so I am wondering if originated from the same area. Was most likely a published pattern. Will be listing it on the web site also.  Just listed the other "mate" to this quilt,, it is Q-771 and located in Gallery 1. They are much alike , but not identical. Would make a great pair.

(Item: Q-754)
Round-Up Time Western Cowboy Pictorial Crib Quilt

Offering this great western themed pictorial crib quilt from the 1950's, Round Up Time. Depicting 2 children and their horses at the ranch with their dog.   The quilt is in very good condition and has been washed, so is ready to use and enjoy. All ahnd quilted  at 6-7 spi. It is also hand embroidered and hand appliqued. The separate red binding is stitched on by hand. This was a 1950's kit quilt and was a very popular pattern. It took alot of work to finish one of these quilts.  This was one of a pair, but selling separate.    

Price: $1295.00
(Item: Q-744)
Red, White and Blue Basket with Handle Quilt SALE $550.

Offering this attractive pieced basket quilt in colors of red, white and blue giving it a patriotic/Americana feel. Displays well. The basket is pieced and the handle is machine appliqued down. The condition is excellent. It is all hand quilted at 8 spi and the quilting pattern is the Baptist fan pattern. For the binding the backing was brought forward to the front and machine stitched down. Clean and ready to enjoy and it doesn't have to be the 4th of July!! Stillwater, Ok. estate.

Price: $595.00
Sale Price: $550.00
(Item: Q-734)
Peony , Leaf and Stem Applique Quilt

Offering this early Peony Applique quilt that is in excellent condition. Virtually unused and has had one bath.  This is a pieced and applique quilt. It is hand quilted at 6-7 spi.  The pattern  also might be considered a Carolina Lily. So unusual is in the alternate blocks a stem and leaves appliqued. Wondered if the maker just didn't want a plain block and decided to put in that extra. Heavy quilting done in the Baptist fan style. Set in blocks with a green sashing. The separate green binding is stitched on by hand.  There's an initial E stitched on the backside, but no other information to add, other than it was acquired in Pennslyvania.

Price: $2895.00
Sale Price: $2595.00
(Item: Q-674)
Red Green Bud Applique Quilt with Leaves and Border

This is an attractive early applique quilt from the 1880's that is nicely hand quilted at a tiny 10-11 spi.   It is hand appliqued too with tiny sitiches. Condition is excellent with a handful of age spots and slight thinning of a couple red flowers applique. Hand bound using a separate tiny binding. It has a name written  on the back side corner that looks to read Anne Smith, as shown. I like the way the flowers curve towards each other and the big cheddar center in the flower. Quality workmanship. From St Lawrence County in northern New York, Potsdam.

Price: $2195.00
(Item: Q-637)
Hawaiian Applique Quilt- 'Crowns and Lehua'  $3800
This beautiful Hawaiian quilt is in excellent condition and is very nicely hand quilted and appliqued. Hand quilted at 8-9 spi. The traditional Hawaiian way using a solid color on a solid color ground, this quilt a lavender on a white ground. The provenance of this quilt is unknown and not sure where it was made, as it does not have the echo quilting often seen in Hawaiian quilts. It has been washed and is ready to enjoy. Looks great hanging or displayed on a bed. Wonderful quilt to add to a collection.
Price: $4795.00
Sale Price: $3800.00
(Item: Q-635)
Southern Tulip Applique Quilt- Double Border-
This early southern Tulip applique quilt is in excellent condition. A wonderful example of southern style pattern, colors and quilting. It is hand quilted at 8-9 spi and machine appliqued, as done possibly to show off a newly acquired "modern" machine. Hand quilted in both brown and white threads. In the sashing and border there is double line quilting. The binding was done by turning the front to the back and hand stitched down. There are similar quilts shown in some of the southern state quilt books such as North Carolina Quilts, Mississippi Quilts and Georgia Quilts. It has been professionally cleaned, so is ready to display or add to a collection. Acquired in the southern Virginia area.
Price: $1495.00
Sale Price: $945.00
(Item: Q-597)
Sunbonnet Sue and Overall Bill Quilt
The condition of the combination quilt, Sunbonnent Sue and Overall Bill, is excellent. It doesn't look to have ever been washed. The nice hand quilting at 7-8 stitches per inch is done in small clamshells. The pencil lines still show, so it appears not to have been washed or even actually used, if any. The applique is done nicely by hand and the black outline stitch around the figures accent the clothing. The fabrics used in the blocks coordinate, like the bonnet and the dress or the boys pants and shirt. The binding was made by turning the front to the back and machine stitched down. Pink sashing and backing. A nice quilt and ready to enjoy.
Price: $795.00
(Item: Q-585)
Posies Around the Square Quilt
This delightful pattern called Posies Around the Square or also called Sweetheart Garden or Spice Pinks. It is also made in the style as "quilt as you go", meaning each block was completely made and then put together block by block. Known by many as the Georgia Bonesteel method. This is a 1930's quilt and a great example of that method of putting a quilt together. Look at the images and see this style. Very tiny hand quilting stitches. Quilting is at 11 spi,, so very nice. Applique posies/flowers in the blocks and again well done. It is unused and has had one bath. A separate pink binding was put on by hand. Looks to be hand pieced too. Acquired in the NE USA.
Price: $875.00
(Item: Q-582)
Cornicopia- Vase of Flowers Quilt  -SALE $865
Cornicopia-Vase of Flowers Quilt(q-213) Circa 1940's-50's, size85x100. Condition, unused and unwashed, looks mint. Fine applique stitches and all hand quilted at 8 spi.This is a kit quilt and is well made. There is a pattern of the vases along the border. The kit blue dots are still visible. For the border it is the applique on the front and is knife edge bound. Maryland
Price: $1295.00
Sale Price: $865.00
(Item: Q-213)
Applique Basket w/ Embroidered Handle Quilt
Applique Basket w/ Embroidered Handle Quilt- circa 1930's, size 69x83 inches. Conditon is excellent. This pretty basket pattern in a smaller scale with the embroidered handles and the extra little flowers embroidered in the corners of the blocks give a nice touch to this quilt. The hand quilting is extra nice too at 9-10 SPI. Cable quiilting in the sashing and crosshatch in the blocks. The quilter also did a beautiful job of tiny blanket stitches for the applique baskets.The colors also coordinate. The basket fabrics are pretty small scale plaids of pinks, greens, lavender, blues and yellows and some solids. From Indiana.
Price: $750.00
Sale Price: $695.00
(Item: Q-129)
Playtime Crib Quilt- Pictorial  SALE $785

Pictorial Childrens Donkey and Cart- Playtime pattern, a Progress kit- circa 1940's, size 48x68. Condition is excellent on this applique youth or crib size quilt. A fun theme with the donkey pulling the cart with the child and mother and along side is the dog, the chicken and the flowers by the roadside.The man appears to be leading the donkey and a young boy riding the donkey. Above is the house with trees and flowers and then the whole design is framed by flowers in the corners. It is finished with a red binding. Lots of detail. In addition to the applique is the use of embroidery. This is a kit quilt, as there are faint dots for the quilting. I am unsure of the company who carried this pattern. ( Recently, 9-2012, had a nice email from lady, this is called Playtime and is a Progress Kit pattern. ) It is beautifully hand quilted and hand appliqued. Quilting is at 8 SPI.

Price: $1195.00
Sale Price: $785.00
(Item: Q-127)

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