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Antique-Vintage Doll Quilts

Antique or vintage doll and small size quilts have gained popularity in recent years due to the scale of the pattern and availability. They also take up less room when storing or displaying. They are sometimes crudely made as it may have been the child's first venture into sewing. The child may have had a loved doll in which they were making this special bed cover. Sometimes a mother was making a large quilt and the child may have been using the left over fabric scraps of calico or shirting for the small quilt. Many were probably used, worn out and tossed as the child got older, so they are not as common as large quilts. Provenance is great to have when purchasing a quilt, whether it is a child's or regular bed quilt.


Original Nine Patch on Point Doll Quilt with Border

This is one charming doll or small crib sized quilt, size 19x25, called a 9 Patch on Point quilt. Note the neat double border of pink and green and the pink hand stitched binding. All hand quilted at 7-8 spi. The condition is excellent and it is clean.  The backing is a nice shade of yellow. These nice pieced doll quilts don't come around often in this condition. Displays well too.  

Price: $265.00
(Item: Q-808)
Postage Stamp Doll / Crib Feedsack Quilt
This little hand made small wall size quilt is made from vintage 1930's-40's feedsack/flour sack fabrics. It was made in 2005 and is signed by June Carlin with the date. It is all hand quilted and is also hand pieced. It is quilted inside each of the small postage size , approximate one inch squares. It feels to be all cotton. There is a separate red print binding that was stitched on by hand. Condition is mint. Missouri
Price: $165.00
(Item: Q-453)
Childrens Small Scale Embroidered Crib Quilt
Childrens Small Scale Embroidered Crib Quilt(q-163) Circa 1930's, size 23x30. Condition is excellent. This happy little childrens quilt has some of the cutest figures embroidered on it. An elephant, puppies face, bunny, swan, birds, rabbits,,etc, and the expression on a mothers face and a childs face are pretty neat. Hand quilted nicely at spi and the binding is separate and hand whipped down. Clean and usable.
Price: $240.00
(Item: Q-163)

Cindy's Antique Quilts

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