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Antique-Vintage Crib Quilts

Need an antique crib quilt for a gift or your growing collection or even your first quilt, then enjoy shopping this page.  Crib and doll antique/vintage quilts are often sought after by collectors, especially those of rare patterns and ones with detail or ones that mimic a larger quilt pattern, only done in the downsized scale. Look for those that are original and not cut down from a larger quilt. Old ones rebound are ok especially if done with the proper fabric of the time.  If cut down they shoud be noted as such. Many of the 1920's-50's crib applique  quilts on this page were kit quilts or from published patterns. 

Antique/vintage/collectible quilts, quilt tops, quilt blocks and other quilt speciality items are available for your shopping convenience at Cindy's Antique Quilts.





Tumbling Baby Blocks Quilt- Youth or wall size $585

Offering this attractive wall quilt, a Tumbling Block pattern, and also appears like a 6 point Stars with a Double Border. The condition is excellent and is ready to enjoy. Hand quilted at 8 spi and the separate binding is whipped down by hand. There is lots of hand quilting, as it is quilted by the piece and in the border there is diamond quilting. The color is a soft peachy /melon and blue with white. The backside is a pretty print of small scale flowers. Pennsylvania

Price: $650.00
Sale Price: $585.00
(Item: Q-906)
Hands All Around Crib Quilt with History

Offering this extra nice Hands All Around crib quilt from the 1930's. Size is 42x55. The conditon is very good. All hand quilted at 7 spi.  Note all the small pieces and that is  an original crib size.  The separate pink binding is stitched on by hand. Nice soft shades of pink, yellow and green for the pattern on a white ground. The quilt came from the Alvin and Caroline Nuckolls estate in Oklahoma City. I have quite a bit of the background/provenance on the family to be included with the quilt.  Oklahoma 

Price: $295.00
(Item: Q-826)
Original Nine Patch on Point Doll Quilt with Border

This is one charming doll or small crib sized quilt, size 19x25, called a 9 Patch on Point quilt. Note the neat double border of pink and green and the pink hand stitched binding. All hand quilted at 7-8 spi. The condition is excellent and it is clean.  The backing is a nice shade of yellow. These nice pieced doll quilts don't come around often in this condition. Displays well too.  

Price: $265.00
(Item: Q-808)
Small Scale Trip Around the World Crib or Wall Quilt

This true small scale or minature Trip Around the World pattern crib or wall size quilt is in mint-excellent condition. Looks to be unused and may have been washed once. The size of the small blocks are  7/8 of an inch. All hand quilted at 7 spi and quilted by the block. The wonderful edge finished by doing a knife style edge. All hand whipped edging. A wonderful selection of 1930's prints and solids, so well put together. Some of the fabrics are novelty fabrics.  Paris, Illinois

Price: $745.00
(Item: Q-794)
Childs Crib/Youth Embroidered Sampler Block Quilt- SOLD

This youth or crib size quilt  looks to be in excellent condition.  A quilt of 9 blocks embroidered of different whimsical animals. Nicely hand quilted at 7 spi and there's a separate blue bindng that is stitched on by hand.  Set with blue and blue backing. A couple slight spots that could wash out. The quilt has been washed at some time, so can be used and washed carefully as it's a very usable sturdy quilt.

(Item: Q-793)
Childs Applique Crib Quilt- Ribbons- Bear..

This charming childs crib quilt,,, an applique with a central theme of the mother bear putting the baby bear to bed?  All hand quilted at 7-8 spi and hand appliqued.  The condition is excellent. This was a kit quilt. The separate blue binding was stitched on by hand.  Ready to enjoy...

Price: $295.00
(Item: Q-792)
Embroidered  Kittens and Puppies Crib Quilt

This is such a cute Kittens and Puppies Embroidered quilt. The condition is very good with a slight small corner tear in a block, shown.  The expression of the eyes and the bow add to the pattern. All hand quilted at 8 spi. The separate blue binding is stitched on by hand.  Makes a great gift for those that love vintage or a wonderful keepsake for a child.  Not sure of the pattern company, as this may have been a kit or transfer pattern quilt, but so nicely made and circa 1930's. Thanks to some discussion among quilt researchers, decided it was both puppies and kittens!! So no favoritisim here!!

Price: $295.00
(Item: Q-791)
Puppies and Kittens Crib Quilt

Offering this darling crib of puppies and kittens appliqued with a green border. The animals were hand appliqued using a button hole stitch. Note the detail on the faces of the puppies and kittens. The condition is excellent, unused and washed once and is ready to enjoy or use. Nice hand quilting at 9 spi and even some of the pencil lines still  show, so this quilt really hasn't had use and was probably stored.  Crosshatch quilting. For the binding the backing was brought forward to the front and hand stitched down.  What a nice baby shower gift. Illinois

Price: $435.00
(Item: Q-761)
Round-Up Time Western Cowboy Pictorial Crib Quilt

Offering this great western themed pictorial crib quilt from the 1950's, Round Up Time. Depicting 2 children and their horses at the ranch with their dog.   The quilt is in very good condition and has been washed, so is ready to use and enjoy. All ahnd quilted  at 6-7 spi. It is also hand embroidered and hand appliqued. The separate red binding is stitched on by hand. This was a 1950's kit quilt and was a very popular pattern. It took alot of work to finish one of these quilts.  This was one of a pair, but selling separate.    

Price: $1295.00
(Item: Q-744)
Delectible Mountains Quilt- BJ Haines Collection SOLD

Offering from this collection, a pattern called Delectable Mountains crib/wall quilt. It is in mint unused condition. Made by Betty Jo Haines, quilted by Bonnie Hale and binding was done by L Schrock. It is all hand quilted at a nice 7 spi and the separate binding was stitched on by hand. Great plaid fabrics and a border to set off the pattern. Love the teal green border and sashing. Perfect for a room, office, bath area with good ventilation or so many ways to use this quilt.  I just hung this in the laundry room for the time being!! Hydro, Ok.

(Item: Q-740)
Blue and White Log Cabin Crib Quilt
This vintage Log Cabin crib quilt is in excellent condition. It is really more of a summer quilt, as there is no batting and it is backed, but not really quilted. Machine pieced and the 2 sides were bound like a knife edge and machine stitched. Nice scale and smaller logs. A good quilt to add to a collection. Attractive colors of blue and white. Displays well.
Price: $395.00
(Item: Q-639)
Minature /Small Scale Flower Garden Crib Quilt  SOLD
Minature /Small Scale Flower Garden Crib Quilt(-q-428)- Circa 1930's, size. The condition of this original crib quilt is excellent. The colors are blue, pink and white. Some of the pieces have a couple shades of color which is original. The edges are scalloped. Clean and surdy. A true minature with the hexagons being less than 1 inch diameter. All hand quilted and hand pieced. The separate binding was put on by hand. Great for an antique crib quilt collection or display quilt.
(Item: Q--428)
Trip Around the World Crib Quilt
Trip Around the World Crib Quilt(q-421)- Circa 1930's, size 45x50. The condition of this original crib quilt is very good. Colors of pink , blue and white with a blue border and pink backing. All hand quilted at 7-8 spi. Also the binding is stitched on by hand. Ct. estate.
Price: $395.00
(Item: Q-421)
Childs Pictorial Crib Applique Quilt
Childs Pictorial Crib Applique Quilt(q-304) Circa 1930's, size 36x56. This crib quilt is in excellent condition . It is all hand quilted at a nice 8-9 spi and also hand appliqued with some hand embroidery too. Applique figures of children, a ship, apple, a pear, grapes, jack in the box, a cat, etc. All the applique is on a blue ground and the separate binding is hand whipped on This was a kit quilt. Unsure of the company. A nice quilt for a collection.
Price: $575.00
Sale Price: $485.00
(Item: Q-304)
Childrens Small Scale Embroidered Crib Quilt
Childrens Small Scale Embroidered Crib Quilt(q-163) Circa 1930's, size 23x30. Condition is excellent. This happy little childrens quilt has some of the cutest figures embroidered on it. An elephant, puppies face, bunny, swan, birds, rabbits,,etc, and the expression on a mothers face and a childs face are pretty neat. Hand quilted nicely at spi and the binding is separate and hand whipped down. Clean and usable.
Price: $240.00
(Item: Q-163)
Playtime Crib Quilt- Pictorial  SALE $785

Pictorial Childrens Donkey and Cart- Playtime pattern, a Progress kit- circa 1940's, size 48x68. Condition is excellent on this applique youth or crib size quilt. A fun theme with the donkey pulling the cart with the child and mother and along side is the dog, the chicken and the flowers by the roadside.The man appears to be leading the donkey and a young boy riding the donkey. Above is the house with trees and flowers and then the whole design is framed by flowers in the corners. It is finished with a red binding. Lots of detail. In addition to the applique is the use of embroidery. This is a kit quilt, as there are faint dots for the quilting. I am unsure of the company who carried this pattern. ( Recently, 9-2012, had a nice email from lady, this is called Playtime and is a Progress Kit pattern. ) It is beautifully hand quilted and hand appliqued. Quilting is at 8 SPI.

Price: $1195.00
Sale Price: $785.00
(Item: Q-127)
Square in a Square Crib Quilt      SALE $265
Square in a Square Crib quilt, all hand quilted and machine bound. Size is 27x27 inches.All cotton with thin batting, circa 1930's. May be Mennonite. Excellent condition.
Price: $295.00
Sale Price: $265.00
(Item: Q-101)

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