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Thank you for shopping with Cindy's Antique Quilts. Please bookmark this antique quilt web site as we are always adding new stock. We have for sale a large collection of fine American antique and vintage quilts, quilt tops, quilt blocks and other quilt items for your shopping convenience. Don't forget we offer interest free layaway for quilt purchases. We stand behind our quilts so shop with confidence. Please click on the images for more views and details of the quilt....Be sure and check out our Press Releases/Affiliations page where you'll find articles about our business. If you have something in mind that's not on the web site, please contact me as we have more quilts not shown.

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Colorways - Abstract Maze Quilt   SALE $650

This is one of those quilts that we wonder what was her design pattern. So abstract and unique! There are 3 fabrics used in this quilt, the same pattern only using 3 different colorways. I feel this quilt maker was a " thinking out of the box" quilt maker. Did she/he have only this fabric left and wanted to make a unique design? It came from an estate in Illinois. The condition is excellent and has been washed once. The hand quilting is a nice 7-8 spi. The separate pink binding is stitched on by machine. True textile art. Much better even in person seeing this unusual quilt. 

Price: $765.00
Sale Price: $650.00
(Item: Q-913)
Tumbling Baby Blocks Quilt- Youth or wall size

Offering this attractive wall quilt, a Tumbling Block pattern, and also appears like a 6 point Stars with a Double Border. The condition is excellent and is ready to enjoy. Hand quilted at 8 spi and the separate binding is whipped down by hand. There is lots of hand quilting, as it is quilted by the piece and in the border there is diamond quilting. The color is a soft peachy /melon and blue with white. The backside is a pretty print of small scale flowers. Pennsylvania

Price: $650.00
(Item: Q-906)
Bud Wheel Quilt

This is one nice 2 color quilt, Bud Wheel pattern,, or there may be another name for this unusual pattern.  It's a red/orange shade and is fresh and clean and ready to enjoy. The condition is excellent. This beauty is nicely hand quilted at 7-9 spi. The separate binding is stitched down by hand. There is hand quilting by the piece and diamond quilting in the border and the alternate block areas. Looks great on a bed or a wall and works well with so much of todays decor. The size of 77x93 is generous too so would top a queen and have some drop and great to just add color to any bed.  Iowa  

Price: $495.00
(Item: Q-890)
Amish Baskets Quilt with Handle

Offering this attractive pieced Basket pattern quilt with appliqued handles. From the midwest and looks to be an Amish or Mennonite quilt. The conditon is very good having only some subtle fading that is occassionally seen in the Amish quilts due to the solid colored fabrics used and this quilt was displayed or lightly used at some time, but  shows no wear.  The 2 colors are  soft grey and wine. The Baptist fan quilting shows off quite well and the lines are close together. The hand quilting is at 7 spi.  The backing is a shade of grey also and may be hand dyed. The quilt looks to be all hand pieced. For the binding the back was brought to the front and is hand stitched down.  Midwest USA

Price: $595.00
(Item: Q-852)
Variable Stars Quilt

This Variable Stars quilt or sometimes called Ohio Stars, is from a local estate,,,Cordell , Oklahoma. Acquired from the Weleda Intemann estate. The quilt is in excellent condition and is all hand quilted at 6 spi. Solid colored fabrics were used in making the quilt and for the binding a red shade of fabric was used. There's a water spot, shown, it appears on a block on the edge. The binding is stitched on by machine.  Oklahoma

Price: $495.00
(Item: Q-835)
Whole Cloth Chintz Antique Quilt- Signed- 1830's

This is a fabulous chintz quilt that is in fabulous condition. Looks unused and has never been washed. The glaze is still on the chintz.  Circa 1830's and the size is 100x108, another detail of an early quilt. A wholecloth quilt that is all hand quilted at a nice 7 spi. Signed on the backside corner note attached,, Catherine P Evans. This name could be researched. These quilts of this age don't come along frequently and especially in this condition. For the binding the back was neatly turned to the front and hand stitched down and oh so narrow. Acquired in the NE USA. Originally in a quilt collectors estate, so unsure where she acquired it. Again,,,, this quilt would be considered excellent or even mint in terms of conditon. I see no wear or damage. 

Price: $2795.00
(Item: Q-828)
Road to California Quilt

Offering this quilt called Road to California and sometimes called Jacobs Ladder.  Patterns will be called differently at times depending on the region of the country.  The quilt is in excellent condition and is just a 2 color quilt making it so easy to decorate with other mixed colors. The fine hand quilting is at 8-9 spi.  The separate pink binding is stitched on by hand and this quilt is very usable. It was displayed in the Pink Exhibit at the Road to California Quilt Show in 2013. This quilt will also be in the Pink for Breast Cancer Awareness gallery...  From Ohio.

Price: $685.00
(Item: Q-804)
Dated/Signed 1940 Tulip Vintage Quilt

Offering this attractive pieced Tulip pattern quilt from the Dorothy Bass and Ertes Roy estate of Rocky, Oklahoma.   This quilt is in excellent condition, looks unused and has never been washed.  It is all hand quilted at 7-8 spi. Quilted by the piece and finished off with a light yellow binding which was stitched on by hand. Generous in size. It is also stitched on the back corner... Made by MOMA CANNON 1940.  It came from the estate of a family that originally came from Arkansas and Alabama. Some of their family quilts are in the Oklahoma Heritage Quilts book.  Rocky, Oklahoma 

Price: $585.00
(Item: Q-778)
Four Point Touching Stars Quilt- note attached 1918

Offering this well made antique quilt, one I am unsure of the pattern , so called it a 4 Point Touching Stars  or Stars and Diamonds. ( Just found a pattern similar called Kaleidoscope pattern and also Rock Garden) The condition of the quilt is mint and looks to be unused and maybe washed once.  It is hand quilted at 7 SPI. Double line quilting in the diamonds.  An extra nice addition with the pinwheel pieced blocks in the corners. For the binding the back is brought forward to the front and machine stitched down. This quilt is dated 1918 on the back corner on attached piece of fabric and notes "From Grandma Stark. Made after I was 95 years old. Christmas 1918."   Ohio.

Price: $725.00
(Item: Q-765)
Strippie Applique Flowers - Tulips and Dogtooth Border

Offering this unusual strippie quilt with flowers appliqued and applique sawtooth or dogtooth edgeing making up the strips and border. So unusual to see the applique red and green triangles. The quilt is in very good condition. The hand quilting is at 6 spi and the applique was done by hand. The quilting is done with a light yellow thread.  There's even a few French knots in the flowers. The separate red binding was stitched on by machine. I acquired this quilt in Indiana. Actually, I have another quilt similar to this pattern (it does not have the appliqued tulips in the strips as the only difference, but quilted with tulips), and it was also bought in Indiana,, so I am wondering if originated from the same area. Was most likely a published pattern. Will be listing it on the web site also.  Just listed the other "mate" to this quilt,, it is Q-771 and located in Gallery 1. They are much alike , but not identical. Would make a great pair.

Price: $545.00
(Item: Q-754)
Red, White and Blue Basket with Handle Quilt SALE $550.

Offering this attractive pieced basket quilt in colors of red, white and blue giving it a patriotic/Americana feel. Displays well. The basket is pieced and the handle is machine appliqued down. The condition is excellent. It is all hand quilted at 8 spi and the quilting pattern is the Baptist fan pattern. For the binding the backing was brought forward to the front and machine stitched down. Clean and ready to enjoy and it doesn't have to be the 4th of July!! Stillwater, Ok. estate.

Price: $595.00
Sale Price: $550.00
(Item: Q-734)
Postage Stamp 'Nosegay'/'Computer' Quilt- Mint-

Offering this wonderful quilt, Nosegay, that has a similar look to the Anne Orr patterns. Note the surrounding staggered border of the small blue postage stamp squares. Anne Orr was known for her style of quilts that often were called "Computer Quilts", due to the fact that they were small postage stamp sized blocks put together with solid colored fabrics and had a rather Deco like computer generated pattern. Sometimes they looked like flowers or baskets, such as this and are more visual when standing a few feet from the quilt and seeing it hung or displayed on a bed.  The condition of the quilt is mint and unused. The quilting is small grids and patterns. Hand quilted at a nice 8-9 spi. The separate narrow blue binding is finely stitched on by hand. An excellent quilt to add to a collection, especially if looking for designers quilt patterns of the early 1900's. 

This information  was forwarded to my by a an email and is much appreciated as to the background on this pattern. "  Merikay Waldvogal books - Soft Covers for Hard Times.  Merikay indicated (page 36) the name of this pattern is Nosegay, however, she included it in her book as an example of how other companies produced patterns SIMILAR to Anne Orr's popular cross-stitch style quilts.  Here is her quote: "This quilt is included to show how other companies proof Flowers.   I did remember seeing this in one of Merikay Waldvogal books - Soft Covers for Hard Times.  Merikay indicated (page 36) the name of this pattern is Nosegay, however, she included it in her book as an example of how other companies produced patterns SIMILAR to Anne Orr's popular cross-stitch style quilts."   Aslo noted in the book on page 36 is that this pattern appeared in Country Gentleman(Feburary 1940) in the 1940's.   

Price: $1395.00
Sale Price: $1195.00
(Item: Q-694)
American Eagle  Quilt- Applique

Offering this great patriotic applique quilt, called the American Eagle Quilt. It was a kit quilt offered by Paragon Needlecraft #01128. This was the colors in the kit of just gold and white.There were 2 other colors offered in this kit.  A great eagle in the center of the quilt with stars surrounding and urns of flowers in the corners. The patriotic swag and stars border set off the quilt. There are roses in each claw and a branch in the beak of the eagle.  It is circa 1950's and is cotton and all hand quilted at a nice 6-7 spi. It is also hand appliqued. The separate binding is stitched on by hand.  The quilt is in excellent condition and has had a bath, so is ready to enjoy.  It can be hung as art or displayed on a bed.  What a great quilt to add to a collection.  From Virginia.

Price: $1195.00
(Item: Q-692)
Tree of Life Quilt

This atttractive Tree of Life quilt is in excellent unused condition. It is all hand quilted at 6-7 spi and hand bound. The binding was done by turning the front to the back and hand whipped down. I love the use of the different colors used in making the quilt, as it adds some cherriness to the pattern. This pattern usually seen in a 3 color combination, makes this one stand out with the different use of colors. Also note how the maker did the corners of the quilt. It has a double row border. It is a pieced quilt , mostly by hand with some machine piecing on the border.This quilt displays well, as all the trees run the same direction, so can be hung easily.

(Item: Q-676)
Small Scale Cactus Basket Quilt- Mint $795.00

Offering this Cactus  Basket pattern quilt that is also called "Cake Stand". The quilt is in unused condition and is excellent/mint, having had a light bath and is ready to enjoy. All hand quilted at a nice 7-8 spi and the rose colored binding is also stitched on by hand. The "baskets" are a popular double pink colored fabric and the alternate blocks a nice small checked gingham fabric. The background on the baskets is a small print shirting fabric. The small blocks are only 5 1/2 inches in size. Note the one imperfect block as shown. Sometimes that was done intentionally by the quilt maker.  This was due to the belief that only God was perfect.   Northwest Ohio area.

Price: $935.00
Sale Price: $795.00
(Item: Q-675)
Peony , Leaf and Stem Applique Quilt

Offering this early Peony Applique quilt that is in excellent condition. Virtually unused and has had one bath.  This is a pieced and applique quilt. It is hand quilted at 6-7 spi.  The pattern  also might be considered a Carolina Lily. So unusual is in the alternate blocks a stem and leaves appliqued. Wondered if the maker just didn't want a plain block and decided to put in that extra. Heavy quilting done in the Baptist fan style. Set in blocks with a green sashing. The separate green binding is stitched on by hand.  There's an initial E stitched on the backside, but no other information to add, other than it was acquired in Pennslyvania.

Price: $2895.00
Sale Price: $2595.00
(Item: Q-674)
Churn Dash Vintage Quilt-Mint  SALE $425.00

This Churn Dash vintage quilt is in mint/excellent condition, as it looks to be unused and was stored. Unwashed and clean and ready to use. The scale of the pattern is on the smaller scale.  It is all hand quilted at 8-9 spi. It also looks to be hand pieced. The  separate binding is stitched down by hand, all done by hand. The backing looks to be a pretty flowery feedsack fabric. The fabric between the blocks also looks to be feedsack fabric in florals in a small scale print.  This  popular pattern is also called Hole in the Barn Door and Monkey Wrench.  A very usable quilt. Acquired in Missouri.

Price: $495.00
Sale Price: $425.00
(Item: Q-657)
Rosebud Quilt #2

This deco looking quilt has an Anne Ore pattern look and design. They have also been called computer quilts, which really fit into today with computer language. I'm not sure what it is definately called, so would love input if anyone knows. The quilt is in excellent condition and is hand quilted around each block. The blocks are approx 1 1/2 inches small. The hand quilting is at 7 spi. It is also hand bound with the back turned towards the front and stitched down. A nice 3 color quilt and is also generous in size. Mn estate. I have another on the web site of this same pattern and could be used as a pair and complement each other well. The other quilt is Rosebud #1. Take a look and thanks for shopping.

Price: $865.00
(Item: Q-652)
Flower Garden Star Quilt

This attractive, popular pattern Flower Garden quilt has what I call the green set of leaves in between the garden hexagons and when looking at it from a distance , it also has the pattern of a star, so called the Flower Garden Star.  The quilt is in excellent condition. All hand quilted at a very nice 10 spi. The border is extra nice too as the maker kept the points of the hexagons and then the separate green binding was put on by hand. There is also the 2 extra rows of hexagons on the edge making a nice border that sets off the rest of the pattern. All the hexagons are quilted by the piece which means they are all quilted within the seams. This is alot of work. Displays well and is generous in size.  Kansas

Price: $685.00
(Item: Q-636)
Minature Scale  Field of Diamonds Hexagons Quilt

This small scale hexagons quilt with pieces only 1 inch in diameter is a labor of love made back in the 1920's or 30's. This pattern is called a Field of Diamonds. Think of the many hours that went into cutting and then hand piecing all the hexagons and then to quilt it by hand. There is also some machine quilting on the border and  a  small area on one side, unsure why. Maybe the maker was ready to get finished and that was the quickest way or possible she or he,, just got a new sewing machine and wanted to show off the work by adding it to the quilt. We'll never know. The quilt is in very good condition.  A colorful quilt with many colors used and some of the fabrics look to be feedsacks. How the quilter coordinated the colors using prints and solids. For the binding the back was brought forward to the front and machine stitched down.  The size is quite generous with it being 81x91 inches, so it could work on some doubles or queens or even lay on top of a king bed. This is a Kansas quilt.

Price: $695.00
(Item: Q-558)
Four Tulips-Early pieced quilt-large size
This early pieced Four Tulips quilt is in excellent condition. It is well made and very well hand quilted at 9 spi. The size of 98x110 makes it usable for display for many of todays larger beds. This is a pieced pattern and one may think of tulips being applique,,but this is pieced and on the close up images one can see how it was done. The quilt looks unwashed and has a few light storage spots and a couple small mends as shown. For the binding a separate tape is hand stitched on. It is the older type of binding as woven tape was used on these earlier quilts at times. Pennsylvania
Price: $2395.00
Sale Price: $2095.00
(Item: Q-547)
Cube-Tumbling Blocks Quilt
Cube-Tumbling Blocks Quilt(q-328)- Circa 1930's, size 70x83. The condition of this graphic quilt is excellent. It has never been washed and shows no wear. There is some slight yellowing at the top binding edge and a couple storage/age spots, shown. It is all hand pieced and hand quilted at 8 spi. The blocks are solids of red, white and blue with the alternating blocks a solid deep blue, almost looks black. The backing is the same lighter blue as on the front blocks. Has a Mennonite look. This quilt displays well and looks great on a bed or wall. It is really a piece of fabric art with this great tumbling baby blocks pattern. From my personal collection.
Price: $1895.00
Sale Price: $1645.00
(Item: Q-328)
Art Deco -Pieced Butterfly Quilt-Mint
Art Deco- Pieced Butterfly Quilt-Mint(q-302) Circa 1930's, size 67x82. This quilt is mint and in unused, unwashed condition, as it looks to have been made and just stored. Some family provenance on this quilt which will be included. This quilt was made by someone who really loved to quilt. The workmanship on this is great and the quilting design in the blue blocks is very attractive. Take a look at the closeups and see the work. It is all hand quilted at 8 spi. A separate pink binding is hand whipped on. There is also a pink backing. Clinton Ok. farm estate.
Price: $925.00
Sale Price: $845.00
(Item: Q-302)
Log Cabin Quilt  SALE $885.00
Log Cabin Quilt- circa 1890's- size 67x76 inches- wools or woven fabric with a cotton backing and cotton batting. This handsome Log Cabin pattern or also known as Album Quilt is all hand quilted at 5-6 SPI. The separate red binding is also hand whipped down. Only 3 fabrics used on the front , a solid blue, a couple different weaves and also a blue and cheddar/gold stripped fabric. Closeups show the fabric. Condition is excellent with only a small thin spot in the blue border. The quilt came from Kansas. Striking and graphic.
Price: $1195.00
Sale Price: $885.00
(Item: Q-134)
Applique Basket w/ Embroidered Handle Quilt
Applique Basket w/ Embroidered Handle Quilt- circa 1930's, size 69x83 inches. Conditon is excellent. This pretty basket pattern in a smaller scale with the embroidered handles and the extra little flowers embroidered in the corners of the blocks give a nice touch to this quilt. The hand quilting is extra nice too at 9-10 SPI. Cable quiilting in the sashing and crosshatch in the blocks. The quilter also did a beautiful job of tiny blanket stitches for the applique baskets.The colors also coordinate. The basket fabrics are pretty small scale plaids of pinks, greens, lavender, blues and yellows and some solids. From Indiana.
Price: $750.00
Sale Price: $695.00
(Item: Q-129)
Playtime Crib Quilt- Pictorial

Pictorial Childrens Donkey and Cart- Playtime pattern, a Progress kit- circa 1940's, size 48x68. Condition is excellent on this applique youth or crib size quilt. A fun theme with the donkey pulling the cart with the child and mother and along side is the dog, the chicken and the flowers by the roadside.The man appears to be leading the donkey and a young boy riding the donkey. Above is the house with trees and flowers and then the whole design is framed by flowers in the corners. It is finished with a red binding. Lots of detail. In addition to the applique is the use of embroidery. This is a kit quilt, as there are faint dots for the quilting. I am unsure of the company who carried this pattern. ( Recently, 9-2012, had a nice email from lady, this is called Playtime and is a Progress Kit pattern. ) It is beautifully hand quilted and hand appliqued. Quilting is at 8 SPI.

Price: $1195.00
Sale Price: $995.00
(Item: Q-127)
Basket of Flowers Quilt-Sampler
Basket of Flowers Quilt-Sampler(q-120) Circa 1930's, Size 74x90 inches. This beautiful pieced basket with a variety of embroidered flowers in the basket is in excellent conditon. The quilting is nice and even at 7 SPI and there's lots of it. The handle is appliqued. On this quilt , not only is there piecing, but applique and embroidery. Also the maker used a nice lavender setting fabric and the green border.The separate binding is hand whipped down. A beautiful decorative quilt.
Price: $795.00
Sale Price: $695.00
(Item: Q-120)

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