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Duck Paddle Quilt with Provenance SOLD

(Item: Q-907)

This appealing quilt came from the Dorothy Bass estate in Rocky, Oklahoma. The pattern called Duck Paddle,,, such a name you can visualize ducks wadding in a pond and paddleing to get along.  The conditon of the quilt is excellent and looks to have never been washed. It is all hand quilted at 5-6 spi and the separate double pink binding is stitched on by hand both sides. Beautiful indigo sashing sets off the blocks. Note the odd block in the corner. We ask why and can come up with reasons, such as no one is perfect but God or maybe the maker had the extra block and wanted to use it up. There are several quilts from this families estate in the Oklahoma Heritage Quilts Book. This quilt is published in the book and it's on page 83.  Dorothy Bass was related to the Andrews sisters who are said to have made the quilt. Rocky, Oklahoma.

Circa:  1890-1900
W. 68″  L. 86″ 
Duck Paddle Antique Quilt
Duck Paddle Antique Quilt
closer view of the fabrics and pattern
closer view of the fabrics and pattern
displayed on a wall
displayed on a wall
the "odd" block

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