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North Carolina Lily Antique Quilt- Mint SOLD

(Item: Q-772)

This unused North Carolina Lily quilt looks to be never washed and is in excellent condition, I would call it mint as it was most likely stored and well taken care of in its 100 plus years since being made.  Very nicely hand quilted at 9 spi with some of the pencil lines still evident. It also looks to be hand pieced and the stems of the lily or peony are hand appliqued. Wonderful soldis of red and cheddar make up the flower and a deep green print for the stems. The separate red binding is stitched on by hand.  Interesting how a couple of the alternate blocks have interlocking circles quilted and not the cross hatch as in most of the others. Pennsylvania

Circa:  1880's
W. 67″  L. 80″ 

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