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Rosebud Quilt # 1 SOLD

(Item: Q-645)

Great generous size, pattern of smaller blocks and excllent condition, make this a quilt to enjoy and add to a collection, or a great one for a first quilt. Made with solid colored fabrics, a triple border, pattern with a Deco look. The pattern reminds me of one of the Ann Ore patterns. If anyone knows for sure,, all input is appreciated. It has a rose and chain look too for the pattern. Shades of pink, green and blue were used in designing the quilt. All hand quilted at 8 spi. Hand bound too. Minneapolis , Mn. estate. I was told it came from the ladies home whom was in her 50's and it was made by her mom. There is another quilt on the web site with the same pattern, Rosebud #2. Take a look.

Circa:  1930's-40
W. 88″  L. 100″ 
partial view of Rosebud Quilt
partial view of Rosebud Quilt

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