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This page, Quilt and Fabric Study, was added for the ones that might want quilts, tops, etc., with some particularly interesting early fabrics. The condition of these items may not always be fantastic, but they will be of interest to those enjoying fabric study.
Pinwheels and Triangles Quilt Top

Offering this fantastic Pinwheels Quilt top. Excellent condition and there's such a great variety of old fabrics. Look at the images and enjoy.  Looks like it's all hand pieced too. Montville, Ct. estate.

Price: $325.00
(Item: QT-901)
One Patch Hexagons Quilt  $665.00

Offering this scrappy quilt made with lots of different fabrics from possibly a ten year span and done in a one patch hexagon pattern. The condition of the quilt is very good and its ready to enjoy or even have fun studying or exploring all the fabrics. It is hand quilted at 6 spi. There's a variety of fabrics including shirting prints, plaids, mourning prints, stripes and much more. A separate blue binding is  stitched on by machine.  Note the way the pattern is more wacky on the right side of the quilt. Really gives it it's "one of a kind" feel. From Missouri.  

Price: $665.00
(Item: Q-879)
Garden of Eden Quilt

Offering this extra nice quilt from Pennsylvania, Garden of Eden. The pattern to me looked like a 4 block variation so I was glad to locate the pattern name for it.  The condition is very good and I don't see any wear in the nice selection of early fabrics. Possibly never washed.  It is all hand quilted at a fine 9 spi. The quilt has a nice print backing too as shown. For the binding the back is brought to the front and stitched down by hand. A nice collectors quilt. It displays well too.  Almost looks like a game board from a distance. Pennsylvania

Price: $835.00
(Item: Q-869)
Small Scale One Patch Chain Variation Quilt

Offering this patchwork quilt of small blocks about 11/8 inch size. This looks to be a One Patch quilt, but part of the quilt looks like a single Irish Chain pattern when viewing from a distance. The quilt is in excellent condition and has had a wash so is fresh and ready to enjoy. It is all hand quilted at 6-7 spi. Some of the fabrics used in making the quilt were floursacks or feedsacks, so popular in that time and a great way to reuse the material. For the binding a knife edge method was used. This is a very usable quilt and one that's a good scrappy quilt with all the various prints and solids. Central Missouri. 

Price: $495.00
(Item: Q-859)
Log Cabin Quilt

Offering this fabulous Log Cabin Quilt from the 1880's that is in excellent condition. Taking a look at the great number of fabrics in this quilt one can only imagine all the time it took to piece and make this quilt. The quilting is around the block and more or less in the ditch, so not easily seen from the front , but more so on the back. Small narrow width logs make up this beauty. Just seeing all the shirting fabrics used in this quilt and wondering if they were left overs after making clothes.  Also several conversation prints were used in this quilt. This is a great design, a light-dark log cabin, courthouse steps. From Little Compton, Rhode Island estate as I was told. 

Price: $985.00
(Item: Q-849)
Tumbling Blocks- Baby Blocks Antique Quilt- Mint-SOLD

Offering this fine Tumbling Blocks or sometimes called Baby Blocks visual antique quilt. This is a fabulous quilt that is in, I would say, mint condition. It is from circa 1870's-80's and has a great selection of fabrics. Like a charm quilt with all the different fabrics.   The quilting is done by hand a 6-7 spi.  A fantastic quilt and what a study quilt too for one that loves early fabrics.  The quilt looks unused and has never been washed.  The separate binding is stitched on by hand. This is a quilt that makes a statement when hung or can be enjoyed in so many ways.  A superb quilt to add to a collection!


(Item: Q-843)
Whole Cloth Chintz Antique Quilt- Signed- 1830's

This is a fabulous chintz quilt that is in fabulous condition. Looks unused and has never been washed. The glaze is still on the chintz.  Circa 1830's and the size is 100x108, another detail of an early quilt. A wholecloth quilt that is all hand quilted at a nice 7 spi. Signed on the backside corner note attached,, Catherine P Evans. This name could be researched. These quilts of this age don't come along frequently and especially in this condition. For the binding the back was neatly turned to the front and hand stitched down and oh so narrow. Acquired in the NE USA. Originally in a quilt collectors estate, so unsure where she acquired it. Again,,,, this quilt would be considered excellent or even mint in terms of conditon. I see no wear or damage. 

Price: $2795.00
(Item: Q-828)
Blue and White Drunkards Path Quilt

This fabulous indigo and white Drunkards Path pattern quilt is a feast for the eyes. All the wonderful blue indigo fabrics used in this quilt, like a charm quilt of blues. The condition is excellent as it looks to be unused and has never been washed. The hand quilting is at 6-7 spi. The separate binding is stitched on by hand and neatly done. The quilt displays quite well and can be enjoyed in so many ways. Denver, Pa area.

Price: $1195.00
(Item: Q-797)
Six Point Stars and Stars Border Quilt- Mint -SOLD

Offering this attractive Six Point Stars quilt that is in unused condition,, mint and never washed.  The colors are great and the prints in the stars are "happy" ,, as I call them. This quilt has an unusual border of the solid colored stars and the solid colored hexagons. There are stars quilted in the hexagon blocks.  The yellow backing is a nice shade of yellow. The hand quilting is well done at 7 spi. A separate binding of green was stitched on by hand. The size of this quilt, 86x89 , makes it one of the larger quilts and therefore can be used on a variety of beds if desired.  One can tell the maker of this quilt was particular,,, the maker even hand pieced the stars and hexagons. Lots of work went into this quilt. Displays well.

(Item: Q-669)
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